They say this woman is too fine to be a politician :)

So this poster found its way to
twitter yester-noon and all the males be drooling over it.
They are saying she’s so pretty – in short, too pretty to be a politician!

She’s supposedly going to represent the Shomolu constituency at the house of reps under the People’s democratic Party.
See tweets below:


30 year old woman suffering from Domestic abuse victim shares her sad story

news in nigeria

As sent in below:

I am Mrs. Uche, I got married 2 years ago to a man who lives
and works abroad.  I am currently going
through some hell called marriage. I am abused psychologically, emotionally,
financially and otherwise.

It all started a year after our wedding. That same sumptuous
guy I thought was an angel changed automatically into a legendary nightmare. I
stopped seeing those characteristics I thought he had before we walked down the
aisle to profess our love.
He became so arrogant, wicked and proud.

 He started by rejecting my second pregnancy, hence accusing
me of infidelity. Before my first pregnancy, I accepted his younger sister who
is a little bit older than me into our home with love, hoping to get some love
and appreciation...

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