Stella Damasus ‘breaks silence’ on instagram

Actress singer and activist Stella Damasu has just bared her mind on an issue revolving around girls and women.Read her  passionate
appeal against domestic violence below:

 “We are sick and tired of people telling us, it’s okay for your husband
to hit you just because he paid your bride price. We are sick and tired
of the ignorance surrounding domestic violence in Africa. We are sick and tired of the law enforcement agencies
in Africa, telling us that it’s a domestic affair and should be
resolved at home. We are sick and tired of mothers telling their
daughters that it’s okay to be beaten by their husbands because they
went through the same thing. Domestic violence is not a peculiar
problem, it is universal. It has taken too many lives and it must stop.
#NoMore domestic violence, #Nomore sexual assault, #Nomore silence.
@nomoreorg @sayno_unite @unwomenla @unitednations @unwomen @worldbank”


Nigerian lady tells how she was deceived Into Marriage, Used And Dumped

A Nigerian woman who was tricked into marriage, used and dumped has narrated her eye-opening story to SDK and you might learn a thing or two from it, enjoy!

I met him 8 years ago when I was posted to his office for my Industrial
Attachment. He was a nice boss and gradually we became friendly. He came
across to me as a man who was not happy and was struggling with issues.
With time, he confided in me that he had marital issues and his wife
was leaving him because they had been married for about 10 years without
children, the doctors had certified them okay but she was tired of
waiting and believed their destinies were not intertwined and they
should try other people as they were both not getting any younger.



Iyabo Ojo wants you to imbibe these principles in 2015

Iyabo Ojo

Yoruba movie star and single mum of two, Iyabo Ojo has just shared some tips for having a successful 2015 below:
1. Thank those who hated you, because without them you wouldn't know what true love is

Thank those who were exceptionally jealous of you; they made you know
that you had something valuable someone else secretly wish they had

Thank all the negative people who were kind enough to walk out of your
life; if they hadn't left, the positive ones wouldn't have had any space
to occupy in your life

Thank those friends who turned their backs at you when you needed them
the most; without them, you wouldn't know what true friendship is all

5. Thank those who cared enough to annoy you, for without them you wouldn't learn self-control

6. Thank those who...


KFB Movie: Should you or not see ‘When love Happens’

see ‘When love Happens'


When Love Happens is a 2014 movie produced and directed by Seyi Babatope.

What happens when Love makes an unexpected arrival? When love happens is
a high art and glossy romantic comedy about the lives of 3 twenty
something professionals in a modern technology connected Lagos and the
hilarious and often bizarre adventure in finding romance.

Well, movie critic Wilfred Okiche says the movie is just there, nothing exciting about the movie.

Mo is the stereotypical Nigerian girl (complete with remnants of a
foreign accent), who has just returned home after a spell in the UK
where she earned her university degree. Actually she has been around...

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