My ex-wife left because she wanted me to live abroad – Yemi Solade

In this interview with Nonye Ben-Nwankwo, actor, Yemi Solade, talks about his career and why he is seen as controversial. See excerpts below:

Why are you so controversial?
I am very independent minded. I don’t
have to toe your line. But it doesn’t mean that I will not let you do
what you want to do. But don’t make me your enemy because I choose to
stay aloof. What I see is that once I choose to be different from other
people, they tag me as controversial.
As much as you try to stand
out and be on your own, you have not been able to run away from one or
two scandals. We learnt you sent some nude pictures to one of your fans
you wanted as your girlfriend…
I still have to say it is part of
show-business. But then, things like that don’t bother me. One so-called
fan couldn’t believe I was the person she was chatting with on social
media. She suggested I put my hand in my mouth, snap and send to her. I
said what kind of nonsense was that? She called from the US but I missed
her call. I didn’t return the call because there was no need for me to
do that. But two or three weeks later, she called and the tone she used
was very harsh. To make matters worse, she called one Friday when one
producer was supposed to pay me. My eyes were already ‘red’ and I wasn’t
in the mood to entertain any pleasantries. Her tone wasn’t just what I
needed. And I exchanged hot words with her. After that, I went on
Facebook to alert my colleagues to beware of such person. To fight back,
she probably paid somebody who took a location bedroom picture and said
I was sending nude pictures to her. So many people felt it was ‘hot’
news and decided to cash in on it. But I felt it was not a big deal to
talk about. The girl’s family called me and apologised. I don’t
celebrate mediocrity or any form of mundane acts. I just kept quiet. I
didn’t need to go to the media and say how it happened. I didn’t commit
any criminal offence.
But there was still another incident…
Oh yes. I had never met that one before
but we used to chat on social media. Her sister and I were on the same
group on blackberry messenger and I think it was through the sister that
she got my link. A colleague of mine was premiering his movie and this
babe suggested I bring her. But I told her she could come on her own.
How would I walk on red carpet with a lady who wasn’t my wife? That was
my offence. The insults started flowing. I couldn’t take it. You just
don’t insult an elder. She said she was a youth corp member. I had done
my youth service before she was born. I gave it back to her and the next
thing, it hit the blogs as well.
Was she the same person that said you got her pregnant?
No. I don’t even know where that one
emanated from. This is me. This is my world. I try as much as possible
to relate with people.
We also learnt you have had three failed marriages, how true is this?
I also read that too. The person who
wrote the story said he was looking for hot news, so I became his guinea
pig. I was in a marriage that didn’t work and that was just it. For the
first time, I was very pained.
How do you think your wife copes with all these controversies?
You are in my home and you have seen that
we are peaceful. We understand each other and when something comes up, I
tell her that something is brewing and she tries to calm me.
Were her looks the attraction?
I may say it was partly so. She is part
Nigerian and part Swiss. When my previous marriage was fizzling away, my
former wife relocated and said she didn’t want to live in Nigeria and
for like a year, we didn’t see. She was in the UK and I was here. I
eventually met my wife. She was an actress. We became friends and as
soon as I realised that the previous marriage was ending, I decided to
improve the friendship. We have been together for 12 years. She is not
acting anymore. She had to sacrifice for the home to be what it is
today. God decided to give her to me to give me peace to be my mother
and everything in my life. I didn’t know I was going to get married. At a
point, I had ruled out marriage.
But whose decision was it to formally break up from you ex-wife?
It came from her. There was no way I
could relocate as she suggested because I am too afrocentric to live
outside Nigeria. I will not function well.
Do you still keep in touch with her?
Yes, but I don’t encourage it. She would
want to keep in touch but no, there is an existing wife. I shouldn’t
encourage her calls. Once in a while, she calls and I think it is okay.
My wife knows about her.

What’s happening between this Super Eagles’ player and Ini Edo’s bestie (photos)

Not much is known about the woman in Nnamdi Oduamadi’s life. The
soccer star also known as Odu is a Super Eagles player and also plays as
a forward for Serie B club Latina Calcio, on loan from AC Milan.
Lately the 24-year-old footballer has been spotted, when in Nigeria,
hanging out with Nollywood actress Ini Edo and her bestie Amaka Ezeh.

When Amaka celebrated her birthday yesterday, Odu took to Instagram with
a photo of him and the 2 friends. He captioned the picture, “Iburo Nepa
Ma Eneweta Oku. Hapi Born Day My Person”, to which she reposted with
“Onyem”(my person). Iburo Nepa Ma Eneweta Oku means “You are not NEPA
but you bring light!” It’s noteworthy that at Ini Edo’s recent
housewarming party, Odu and Amaka were also spotted together.


60 year old Man who sleeps with teenage daughter, blames the evil spirit

60-year-old man, Isiaka Alade, who was recently arrested by police
for allegedly defiling his 14-year-old daughter blames the act on an
evil spirit. Hear his claims:

 “I cannot remember what I did. An evil spirit
always possesses me and as soon as I am done, I will regain my senses.
Most especially, my daughter never resisted whenever I touch her. I am
terribly sor­ry; it is the devil. I have even attended different
deliverance services, hoping that God will save me. I am sorry but the
truth is that I am possessed. No normal father will do such a thing to
his daughter. My mistake was allowing her to live with me when I knew
that I do not have a wife or woman friend.”

He was picked up by operatives of Lagos State Criminal Investigation


Oops, Man knocks out friend’s teeth while arguing over 2015 election

Jonathan deserves a second term…shut it up, it is Buhari….

While arguing over the winner of the upcoming presidential election,
two friends – Chukwuemeka and Akpan – got into a fight at Old Ojo Road
in Agboju area of Lagos State.

Leadership Newspaper reports that the argument started after
Chukwuemeka boasted that come rain or shine, Muhammadu Buhari would win
the election, a statement opposed by his friend, Akpan who insisted that
President Goodluck Jonathan remains the best person for the job.

What was said to be a friendly discussion degenerated into a fight as
Akpan allegedly hit Chukwuemeka in the chest. In retaliation,
Chukwuemeka hit his friend across the lips.

“Akpan fainted and those in the area had to use cold water to revive
him. We have been friends for many years and I don’t know...

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