Iyabo Ojo wants you to imbibe these principles in 2015 
Yoruba movie star and single mum of two, Iyabo Ojo has just shared some tips for having a successful 2015 below:
1. Thank those who hated you, because without them you wouldn’t know what true love is

Thank those who were exceptionally jealous of you; they made you know
that you had something valuable someone else secretly wish they had

Thank all the negative people who were kind enough to walk out of your
life; if they hadn’t left, the positive ones wouldn’t have had any space
to occupy in your life

Thank those friends who turned their backs at you when you needed them
the most; without them, you wouldn’t know what true friendship is all

5. Thank those who cared enough to annoy you, for without them you wouldn’t learn self-control

6. Thank those who caused you pain, for without their pain you wouldn’t know how strong you are on the inside
Thank those who said it cannot be done; they provided the inspiration
to challenge you to go the extra mile to achieve the impossible

Thank those who didn’t believe in you, they forced you to believe in
yourself even when you least thought you had what it takes to succeed

9. Thank those who broke your heart, for they taught you to be careful who you share your heart with

10. Thank those who betrayed you, for without them you would still be trusting the wrong people

11. Thank those who criticised you, for they made you see certain things about yourself you never knew existed
grateful that all these things happened to no one but you, for without
these seemingly negative experiences, you wouldn’t know that everything
happens in life for a reason.

Have A Happy New Year

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  1. Iyabo ojo couldnt have written This on her own. She must have copied it frm somewhere and pasted it on her page to make people feel she wrote it.

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