Etcetera moves into a new home :)

What a way to start the year.

Musician cum writer, Etcetera known for his punchy articles is moving into his new home and he wants the world to know that he would be in that home than go out to vote in the upcoming elections.

“Over the week, I got tons of emails and phone calls in
response to last weekend’s article asking if I’ll be voting in the coming
elections. No. I won’t be voting. The truth is, I have more constructive things
to do than vote on February 14. For example, I am moving into a new apartment
and the floors need a good scrub. And there’s this couch I have to take the
legs off so I can easily pass it through the door into the living room. To me,
that’s time much better spent. Yes guys, I can come up with so many reasons why
I won’t vote, but at the core of everything is, when my vote has a direct
impact on how much money is stolen from this country, I want nothing to do with
it.” he says

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