Popular Nigerian Celebrities Recount How They Lost Their Virginity

These celebrities at one time or the other had to reveal how they lost their virginity.
Read excerpts from their interviews on how they lost their virginity.

UCHE OGBODO- I Lost My Virginity At The Age of 20

I said earlier, I met my first boyfriend at 20. I came from a Christian
home and was trained by Christian parents. My father made sure we
imbibed the Christian values and this helped me very much in my career
as an actress. I actually thought that as a Nollywood actress I was ripe
enough to have a boyfriend and this will make me feel more
sophisticated. I did not lose my virginity to an actor, you know.

How did you lose your virginity?
“I did not stumble on losing my virginity, I was ready for it and I knew what I was getting into. ”

How did you feel as a woman after losing your virginity?
“I was ready, I felt like I was ready to bring the world down. I felt like whatever it is, bring it on.”

FOLUKE DARAMOLA- I Lost My Virginity To a Rapist

I intend to talk about things that people just take for granted: for
instance, a frigid woman in a marriage or a frigid lady that has been
raped. I have been a victim of that, so I understand what it feels

You mean you have been a victim of rape?
“Yes, my first
introduction to sex was rape. I talk about it when I have to. I was
deflowered by a rapist. These are things people don’t talk about.”

LAIDE BAKARE- My First Sexual Experience At 21 Was Horrible

When did you start having sex?
didn’t start having sex at early age. It took me a very long time even
though it was something I had always been looking forward to. I looked
up to it almost three years before I eventually had sex. It wasn’t a
nice experience with my first boyfriend. We dated for six years and we
had sex after four years of our relationship. I was 18 when I met my
first boyfriend. I was still a virgin then, even while in the movie
industry for close to three years. I think the first time I had sex I
was about 21 years old. It was what I had been looking forward to, but
it wasn’t`t a nice experience.”

OMOTOLA EKEINDE- I Was Still A Virgin When I Got Married

my mum’s stern attitude, it is natural to think I didn’t date anybody
before I got married. But, that’s not the case. I had boyfriends before I
met my husband but it’s not something too deep as people may think
nowadays. You just go out and have lunch together and all the rest of
it. As for deep my affairs went before I met my husband, it is just to
say that I got married as a virgin, so that answers the rest of the

Omotola’s husband seem to have buttressed his wife’s earlier assertion when he responded thus in an interview:
“Hmmm! Truly and honestly, I can’t forget the very first day I made love to my wife.”

BENITA NZERIBE- I Lost Mine At The University

asked that question very direct. And if the truth must be told, I was a
virgin all through secondary school, the juniorate until I entered the
university. But one had great moral upbringing.”

ICE PRINCE- I Had My First Kiss @13; Raped By An Aunty

had my first kiss when I was 13,’ the rapper said coyly, while speaking
with a reporter from Pulse. This is a throwback to a 2012 interview
where the rapper also revealed that he was raped by an aunt when he was
‘I had my first sexual encounter. I would not say it was a good
thing at all. It’s something I regret, whatever it was. It wasn’t a
sweet experience at all. I had this aunty, though we were not related,
she was just a neighbour who was living close to us, who came into my
room and slept with me.’ ‘It wasn’t a good experience at all. I was
scared, very scared. I saw hell. It was a terrible experience. I am not
excited talking about it at all. Sex is not that good. I think sex is
over-rated. I don’t know. ‘She just came into my room and just forced me
to do it with her… Oh, let’s not talk about it. I was so young and
innocent. But she made me lose my innocence. The woman is still alive. I
don’t think I have even seen her since then,”
Ice Prince revealed in the interview….

PETER & PAUL (PSQUARE)- We Had Our First Sex At 14 & 15 Respectively

claimed to first know what s*x was at 14 and 15-years respectively. As
for Peter,“I had my first experience in 1993 at the age of 14. At first,
I felt terrible that I let a woman seduce me. Later, I realised that it
didn’t matter and I enjoyed it.”
Paul had this to say,“for me, it
was 1994 and I was 15 at the time. The first time was kind of strange. I
thought the poor girl would get pregnant immediately and I’d become a
father.”As the thought of what we had done raced through my head, I
became afraid, but felt better when I realised I had used a condom.”

DONA DIVA- I Cried As It Was Painful

Fast rising singer Dona had this to say:
What was it like the first time you had sex?
“You say wetin? (laughter) It was a lot of crying because it was painful. The same thing I think for every girl.”

IYABO OJO- I Had My First Boyfriend At 18 In SS3

relate with their father. I do not talk about it because I give respect
to my children, it is their privacy and they want to keep it private.
Like I said, we were not just compatible, I met him and in a very short
period of time, we got married. We really did not have much time to
date. I was 21 years old then. In less than three months, I was pregnant
and in less than six months, I was married to him. It was a very short
period of time. We basically got married because of the pregnancy. We
did not want to have the baby out of wedlock. We got married and we
later discovered that there was some part of him that I did not like and
there were certain things about me that he did not also like. We were
not friends and that was the disadvantage. He was not my first, he was
actually my third. I feel apart with my first boyfriend. My second
boyfriend, we did not get intimate. So my ex was actually the second but
my third boyfriend. I was young, I had my first boyfriend when I was in
SS3 and I was about 18 years old. Then we broke up and I had somebody
else. We were more like brothers and sisters in Christ so we really did
not have any sexual relationship. Then, I met my ex-husband. He was the
second man I was intimate with when it came to a relationship. I was
young and the kind of life he wanted was to be married and still live
the bachelor life while I wanted him to be married and stay at home.
That was were we started having issues and problems but we are still
friends. He still communicates with his kids.”

LIZ ANJORIN- I Had My First Boyfriend At 21

Who was your first boyfriend?
“The father of my daughter was my first boyfriend. We were very young then. He was 23, I was 21 years old.”

Weren’t you worried when you got pregnant for him. Didn’t you think of aborting the baby?
didn’t even know I was pregnant then. It was my mother that found out.
Remember I was her only child and she had me in her old age. She was so
happy about my pregnancy. She was just pampering me. Left for her, she
would have wanted me to have a child at the age of 12. She also would
have loved me to have more than 10 children. My boyfriend’s mother also
knew I was pregnant. She too was happy. She had five children then. My
boyfriend was even the last born and the other siblings were yet to give
her a grandchild. She was eager to have me and the baby. In fact, she
and my mother were dragging over who would take care of my daughter.”

SHAN GEORGE- I Married At 16

Shan got married at a tender age of 16 years and the marriage immediately produced 2 boys be for she walked out of the union.
married once and my two kids are for my first husband. I read on some
blogs that I had a child out of wedlock and I have been hiding it. But I
wonder if I got married at the age of 16, at what age did I have that
child? I was so young when I walked out of my first marriage to pursue
my education. Later on, as an adult, I got married again, but we aren’t
really together anymore. Marriage can be complicated.”

What was it like being married at such a young age?
married at the age of 16 was just like a child still living with her
parents. It was more like an obligation. I don’t really want to talk
about it because of my children.”

GENEVIEVE NNAJI- Getting Pregnant At 17 Shocked Me

Genevieve lost her virginity at 17 and got pregnant afterward.
actress spoke on a topic she never talks about on her daughter who she
had when she wasa teenager. Genevieve talks of how her world came
crashing when she discovered she was pregnant at the age of 17.
pregnancy was seven months gone before my Catholic mum discovered it.
She couldn’t believe it,” she said. How can she be pregnant when she was
“very careful” according to her still remain a mystery to her till
date. When a test confirmed it, her parents were disappointed but stood
their ground against abortion.
“I didn’t feel anything. I didn’t
even know till I was about four months. It was there, but I was still in
shock. I didn’t believe it”.“The only time I actually believed it was
when I saw it in a scan. Seven months! And I saw it’s in there and I
said, “Okay, it’s true!” I was like, “Oh, it’s like some disease….” I
think I was pretty much hard on myself then than my parents or people. I
was harder on myself, really. My parents reacted the way any parent
would react – disappointed. I didn’t know. My mother discovered it for
me. I didn’t know anything really. She discovered it.”

HOLY MONIQUE- I Was A Virgin Till My Wedding Night

music sensation, Monique, had sensationally revealed how she kept and
guarded jealously her virginity till the night of her marriage.
many ladies and men out there this disclosure may mean nothing. To such
people it is no big deal. But no matter anyone’s stand or view, it is
very important to me.
It has helped me to stand my ground and look
into faces of moral intimidators and tell them boldly that I am a
daughter of the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords. It is a pride for my
family and a big plus for my husband. A high moral life is essential for
continuous success. Yes, I was a virgin till the very night of my

ADA AMEH-Peer Influence Got Me Deflowered & Impregnated At 14

The plus sized actress had a baby girl at a tender age of 14.Read the interview she granted six years ago about her love child:
is the irony of life. Sometimes, I ponder on that. I had a child when I
was 14. My peers influenced me. But it has been some time now. My
daughter is 20 years old. Remember I told you I was very stubborn as a
child. Then, my friends used to tell me about their boyfriends. In those
days, what we did was to write love letters. But this particular friend
told me that we should go beyond letter writing. That was how the whole
thing started. It was just peer influence.”

UTI NWACHUKWU- My First Sex Was A Disaster

remember very well who I had it with but I won’t like to divulge that.
It was a disaster, you know you find out that what you watch is
different from practical and you had to learn and I can tell you it was a
disaster that the girl kept looking at me asking are you sure you know
what to do and I was soembarrassed but the second time was much
better.’…Uti told

BIODUN OKEOWO- I Married As A Virgin & It Was Painful

Yoruba actress, Biodun told Vanguard:
Did you marry as a virgin?

Yes, I did and I can boldly say that.

What was your first sex experience?

My first experience was full of fear, uncertainty, pain and alas! I loved it at the end.

EUCHARIA ANUNOBO- I Lost Mine During My A-Level

When was the first time you went behind a closed door with a guy?

I had come out of secondary school. I was doing my A’level. It was a while ago.

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