OMG! Boy locks up father, stabs him in the eye for not buying him Christmas clothes

Photo of a father and son

For refusing to buy his son a Christmas cloth, a Lagos based middle aged father, Anthony is now nursing an eye injury.

Leadership reports that the boy, a secondary school student, Ikeji,
threw caution to the wind on Thursday and stabbed his father in the
right eye for failing to buy him Christmas clothes.

Before then, he had locked up his dad for some minutes in their apartment on Arowojobe Street, Osodi.

Family members who witnessed the act said Anthony had explained to
Ikechi that he had only “small money” which barely paid for the
Christmas clothes of his three siblings, but all appeals made by his
father fell on deaf ears.

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Ikechi’s cousin, Ukachukwu, revealed that Ikechi was so livid that he
quarrelled with his father through the night, insisting that he must
get his Christmas clothes, because he wanted to wear it to the birthday
of a friend at one of the beaches along the Victoria Island-Epe
Expressway, on Sunday.

According to Ukachukwu, when Anthony, who works as a guard in a
hotel, wanted to leave for work, his son would not let him leave.

“He accused his father of hating him and, fed up with his complaints, the man got his belt and began to flog the boy.

“As his father continued flogging him, Ikechi reached for a knife and
stabbed him straight in the eye. Upon seeing the horror of his deed,
Ikechi took his heels.

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“When I wanted to run off to the police station to report the issue
to the police, his mother begged me not to, as it will ‘involve more

Anthony, who was rushed to the hospital right away is under intensive
care, while family members are praying for him to see properly with the
eye again.

“But I doubt if he will still see with that eye again,” Ukachukwu said.

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