Oh Tiwa Savage, someone has got a message for you!

Written by Adedayo Ademuwagun
Married people all over the world are expected to behave
with some degree of propriety, unless perhaps they’re Kim Kardashian —
or Tiwa Savage.
People have been talking about Tiwa Savage’s style before
and after she got married. The latest one happened last week after the
singer twerked (again), rubbing herself on artiste, Patoranking at the
Headies night.

 It wasn’t the first time she’d be twerking on the young
man – she did at the Channel O Awards in November when they both
performed their collaborative effort, Girly O together. Then two months
before, she performed at a gig in London wearing a bodysuit that many
thought was plainly preposterous.
One entertainment blogger wrote after pictures from the
London gig spread on blogs, “The diva is no doubt channelling her inner
sexiness, but the pretty Mavin first lady has been serving constant
sultriness almost to a point of obscenity these days! The rather obscene
look [at the London gig] appeared tacky and did absolutely nothing for
Tiwa’s shape.”
There’s no crime if an artiste is making news for twerking
and “channelling her inner sexiness”, as that blogger put it. After all,
Miley Cyrus and some others do that. But the thing is, Tiwa Savage is a
dozen years older than Miley, and unlike Miley, she’s married.
Tiwa Savage didn’t start like this though. She already had
an impressive beginning when she set up her music career in Lagos four
years ago. She had done pretty well at X Factor UK, co-written
internationally acclaimed songs, backed up for Mary J. Blige and George
Michael and graduated from Berklee, a music school whose alumni have won
a combined 229 Grammy awards. So she wasn’t just a pretty face with a
sexy body. She was a talented singer with a lot of potential, and fans
wanted to listen to her music, not look at her butt.
Today she’s grown famous and done really well for herself,
but she’s also transformed herself from a promising singer to a sex
symbol, building her brand on her erotic appeal rather than her singing
The result is quite obvious. She’s produced only one album
in four years. She hasn’t produced a single major hit without Don Jazzy
ever. She may be getting awards, but considering the inspiring
impression she made when she first surfaced, it looks like Tiwa Savage
is not living up to her potential.
Patricia says, “Tiwa doesn’t have to bare her body to get
to the top. She can sing, and she’s very likable. I feel she really
needs to take another look at her brand and think about if all these
years of scanty dressing and erotic gestures have actually paid off for
her big time. Let’s face it. She’s not making any great music these
Tiwa Savage is now 34 years old and she’s getting past her prime. Plus she seems to be in the middle of a torrid marriage.
Two months ago, news broke that she and her husband were
fighting about cheating and physical abuse. It looked like the marriage
was in trouble. A lot of people are appalled by the Tiwa Savage’s  style
since she married, and some people feel it’s not helping her marriage.
Ovie says, “Tiwa Savage was like this before she married
Teebillz, but the surprising thing is that she’s been even more immodest
as a married woman. I don’t see how this is not affecting her marriage.
I mean I imagine that I’m Teebillz and I’m sitting in a hall watching
my wife, not my girlfriend, my wife, dancing carelessly with another man
in front of the public. Any sane husband who really cares about their
marriage and his wife’s dignity will certainly object to that. I don’t
know why Tiwa is doing all this or why her husband isn’t saying a word
about it. Does her husband truly love her? I don’t know, but I guess we
all know what it means to love someone.”
It’s shameful that Mamman Daura lives in Villa, controls Presidency – Afenifere

Tireni Adebayo

Tireni Adebayo is the Editor of Kemi Filani News. She has BSC in Mass Communication from the Redeemer's University and M.A in Mass Communication from the University of Lagos (2014 - 2015) where she majored in Public Relations and Advertising and Digital Media.  When she is not writing, she is either listening to music or reading her favorite books. Tel: +2348061000090 Address: Herbert Macaulay, Yaba, Lagos, Nigeria Email: [email protected]


  1. last time a married person (Robin Thicke) went along with this twerking shit, his marriage packed up a couple of months later even though his wife at that time said she didn't mind the Miley Cyrus/Robin Thicke 'twerkarama'. In retrospect, we now know that it was an indicator of cracks in their relationship.

    why a talented, pretty lady like Tiwa is so fixated on selling this this 'sex appeal'
    bull instead of showing off what we really love abut her in the first place (THE VOICE) is just beyond intelligent comprehension.


  2. Very biased write up. And saying she has never produced hit tracks without don jazzy is trash. Kele kele love, love me and ife wa gbo na was not produced by don jazzy and they were hits. So do your Googles damm fool!

  3. Seriously am really disappointed @Tiwatope Aduni Abebi Savage Balogun Sorry to say but I don't look up to u anymore. Your voice is wat everybody love and not ur body, so pls if u want to show dat you are sexy pls do dat for billz, u don't have to sell your self just to make more money and pls keep your home. Please change and gain more respect from youths and teenagers that look up to u, Love u plenty #DORO LOVE # RESPECT

  4. @Anonymous 22 December 2014 at 00:39. You took the words right from my mouth, thanks a bunch. “Seriously am really disappointed @Tiwatope Aduni Abebi Savage Balogun….”

  5. This writer is coming from an irrational and biased standpoint. It might be morally wrong, but lets talk about this practically
    1. If the writer would be logical for one second, he would realise,and Im sure its a he because of the chauvinistic undertones of his article, that Tiwa Savage has ALWAYS had a sexually oriented image. Proof: The video of Love Me, way before she married Tee Billz.
    2. "She hasnt produced a major hit without Don Jazzy"? Seriously. Bloke, do your research. You'll know that Wizzypro produced Girlie O and Spelz produced Onye, songs that were only hits because of Tiwa Savage's starpower. Anyone who disagrees is either an ignorant hater or blind.
    3. Tiwa Savage is the biggest female music star in Africa. FACT. All that success she's achieved since she allegedly began "exploiting her sex appeal". Isnt that proof that sex sells? Ever since JenniferHudson lost the weight, she's sexed up her image too. She's tremendously talented, but has the writer complained? Enormously talented stars around Tiwa's age such as Beyonce have also sexed up their image. Has the writer complained? We Africans are the biggest hypocrites in the world. Have a seat and let Tiwa reign, hater! Your article is a disgrace to journalism

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