This GROOM waited till his wedding night before losing his virginity (Read his inspiring story)

Groom dies on wedding day

Wow, we just had to share this story which was first published on BN weddings!

We have shared stories from brides who kept their virginity till their wedding night but it’s refreshing hearing a groom tell his story to 🙂
Read Afro fusion artiste Gaisebaba aka Gaise’s story on his virginity/celibacy journey, love story and wedding photos as told to BN below:

BN Weddings: Kindly tell us about yourself and your lovely wife.

Gaisebaba: I am Akinade Ibuoye, an Afro fusion artist popularly known as Gaisebaba, currently signed to Sanctified Records with a debut album out, and three follow up singles; the latest of which is ‘Little Drops’.
I’m now married to Olufunto Ibuoye (nee Oni), brand management/marketing professional with an international beauty company, author of ‘Beautified; Every Woman’s Amazing Guide to True Beauty’, and co-convener of LACE; Ladies after Christ’s Example.

BN Weddings: How Did You Meet?
We met on October 20, 2012 at a seminar – Steve Harris‘ ‘Business of Your Talent’.
I was a participant while she volunteered and was at the registration
table, so she was the very first person I saw on getting to the venue.
She was definitely beautiful, petite, smallish and all bubbly with
smiles and laughter even on top ordinary registration; who born me not to take note!
The Headies Awards were
later that night so I had to leave rather early but I ensured I got her
Blackberry PIN before leaving. We started chatting I think the next day
and we were almost always chatting those first weeks; we obviously
liked each other and we both knew it.
We had to wait though. She was in a
relationship not very long before, and I needed to be absolutely sure
‘this’ was IT. I remember telling her December 31 that same year that I
couldn’t get into any relationship for 6months or even possibly up to a
year, also because I was fresh out of one. She was hurt and she didn’t
hide it, but her final response after some preamble was,
“Love is patient… 1 year right? #patientlywaiting!”

Overcoming the Hurdles

The next 6 months were tough, really tough! We deleted ourselves on BBM, unfollowed on Twitter;
just so we’re not in a pseudo-relationship while claiming to be waiting
(I’d had enough of such in my lifetime, story for another day). But
still we’d both stalk each other’s TLs on twitter, post a few subs, and
I’d steal a visit once every while.
All this time I was praying, searching
scriptures. I wanted to be sure, I needed to be sure, needed something
to hold on to. My close friends and those who’ve known me for quite a
while will understand why; I’ve fallen in and out of love quite a few
times, even I was tired. So I needed something beyond myself and claim
of love, and so I decided I’ll go for the Word. And thank God I did,
because I found. Not one scripture, not two, but three!

Our Relationship Began!

Then on Saturday July 27 2013, our
seventh month of waiting, our relationship began. The first five months
were a mix of ups and downs though, largely due to our strong
personalities. This was when those scriptures were of great help, they
helped me (and by extension, us) through the hard times, the emotionally
dry times when you don’t feel anything at all, the clashing of egos,
‘strong-head’ and all other causes of ‘fights’ in relationships.

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As we turned the year, iron had sharpened iron, and
like sandpaper smoothens and fine-tunes a rough surface, we improved,
matured and became wiser in our dealings; I learnt to be more selfless
and she became more submissive, not trying to enforce a point like
before. We could have given up at several points but we didn’t; we
worked at it and worked it out. That’s why we’re here today!

The Proposal
By February I was ready to propose. It
was Valentine’s season but I chose to do it 2 days earlier as I felt
Valentine’s Day would be too predictable. So I made an artwork of her,
got a bouquet of flowers and of course the engagement ring. I chose
her office as the venue and I’d told one of the guards ahead as I was
going to need him too.
So February 12, myself, my best friend (who’d later be my best man), and David, my guitar-playing baritone-voiced friend set out for her office on Bank Anthony Way in Ikeja.

I arrived and dropped the artwork and flowers with
the guard. While my guys hid close-by I called her to come give me her
iPad, that I needed it for a meeting on the island, just to get her to
leave her desk. While with me, the guard went in to place the items on
her table. I ‘left’ and she returned to an already agog office with
everyone screaming! By then myself and my guys come into the reception,
David already strumming his guitar and singing along, and the deed was
done! A colleague of hers actually recorded the latter part with his

BN Weddings: Now, at what point did you decide to remain a virgin until marriage?
I had just completed the 1st term in my final year at King’s College Lagos.
At our time, the 2nd and 3rd terms in SS3 was when boys usually ‘lost
it’, as we were very close to the commercial sex workers hub on Victoria
Island; Sanusi Fafunwa street, Adeyemo Alakija, Kuramo Beach/lodge,
YNot etc.
Then I remember getting home that
Christmas holiday and being whisked away by my mum to a youth camp in
December 2001- Camp Joseph, organized by YDi-Young Disciples
International. (God bless Christian Mothers)! This was where
God ‘caged’ me. I’d save the long story of how I sort of felt hypnotized
by Him for maybe when I write a book, but on the final day of camp, I
got into what is known in YDi as Covenant of Purity (COP) and that was
how I began saving myself for marriage. Now I must say it isn’t entirely
dependent on that, as there are a few who did or have done likewise but
didn’t hold on till the end, so it’s my decision plus a whoooooole lot
of God’s grace that kept me till the end!

Funto’s Bridal Shower Cake

Funto at her Bridal Shower
BN Weddings: Was it important for you to have a virgin partner too?
Yes it was, though not as an absolute.
Not everyone who isn’t a virgin is promiscuous, and there are folks as
well who have not-so-good pasts but have turned a new leaf for real and
now live decent lives. So there are peculiar circumstances I might have
strongly considered, but I certainly would never have settled for
someone who just for the heck of it was ‘grooving’ while I was waiting.
BN Weddings: How did the conversation come up with your wife (then girlfriend)?
Well, from time, anytime I got close
enough to a girl or liked her and saw there was a chance she could be
the one, I’d always bring it up, first, to make my stand on premarital
sex clear, and secondly, to know where she stood.
And so as I’d usually do, I brought it
up during one of those BBM chats and of course, we were of the same
mindset. Fortunately, she also entered into a Covenant of Purity long
before we met.

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BN Weddings: How were you able to stay accountable/celibate during courtship?

Oh boy! It was tough!! Especially when you’ve got such a beautiful woman, and the boy too is very alright

Those that save even their first kiss till the altar are the real MVPs though… We didn’t.
We tried our best not to stay alone for
too long in secluded places, we avoided sleeping at each other’s place
overnight as much as possible and we had mothers (hers and mine) who
kept us really accountable; when they noticed some form of unusual
closeness between us, they called us to order in a subtle yet firm way.

BN Weddings: Was it worth the wait or would you change anything?
It was definitely worth the wait! The
way my wife and I have been physically intimate, open and mutually
vulnerable without any shame or drawbacks, I can’t imagine being this
way with someone I haven’t made a lifelong commitment to. Then, we’re
also not comparing our experience with anything in the past as there’s
none, there’s a clean slate to build on!

BN Weddings: Any advice for others seeking to take this route?
You need God oh, especially if He’s a
major reason you decide to wait. It’s not easy, but what I always told
myself was that He’s not a slave master, if it’s in His Word then it’s
possible, and it definitely is in our best interest.
I’m not certain but I think it’s
probably easier when both partners have been waiting; it’s more
difficult to wait once you’ve started. But even if your partner isn’t a
virgin, if he/she respects your stand and as expected, loves you, then
he/she can still stand with/by you and wait as well even if only to
support your decision.

BN Weddings: Last but not least… What was the motivation behind your famous statement on Twitter?
I’m sure you mean the “I’ve got 28 years of virginity to pour into one woman” post. It was actually one of a series of tweets I posted after reading a portion of ‘Church Shift’, a book by Sunday Adelaja.
The thoughts shared via my tweets that morning ranged from the essence
of the Church, to the very limited social relevance of today’s Christian
music particularly in Nigeria. So, that particular tweet popped out
while I was suggesting how a Christian artiste could, in a subtle yet
clear way, promote the message of abstinence before marriage. I had said
one could do a song about how he/she can’t wait to get married, so that
he/she can finally have sex; that preaches abstinence without being
direct. And then I personalized it and said “that’s me right there, I’ve got 28 years of virginity to pour into one woman!”
And now… the pouring has begun!


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