Helen Paul talks being a mum again and more

Petite On-Air Personality and comedienne Helen Paul is still
basking in the euphoria of motherhood for the second time. She gave
birth to a baby boy on Monday November 24, 2014. See excerpts from her recent interview with Encomium below:

 Congratulations! How does it feel to be a mother again?

I feel great. I am already climbing the ladder to join the greatest
mothers (laughs). My first child now has a partner. It is definitely the
joy of every woman to see such. I am really happy.

How will you describe the experience this time around?

It was much easier for me. It was not my first time, so I am used to
the system already. Above all, I thank God for making it possible and
itch-free. I give all the glory to Him.

Can you compare the experience to the first time?

It is like someone boarding a plane for the first time; the first
experience will always be different from subsequent ones. Everything was
new to me at the first time, but this time around, I am already used to
the whole routine. That is why I said it was less stressful. The first
time could make you nervous, but this second one is much fun.

Which sex did you have in mind before you had your first scan?

Honestly, I didn’t have any sex in mind. I just wanted to have a fine
baby, irrespective of sex. Whether boy or girl, all na baby and special
gift from God.

Should we expect more?

You need to ask my husband. He is the head of the home and
breadwinner, so, he calls the shots. If he says we should have 20 more
kids, I don’t have a choice.

What is the greatest thing about being a mother?

It would be tough for me to say a particular thing because everything
about motherhood is great. Seeing my kids grow bigger every day is

What names are you giving him?

He has many names. In fact, I don’t think this magazine can accomodate all the names.

Now that they are two, how will you juggle your role as a mother, wife and career woman?

It is still the same routine. I try to strike a balance between my
role as a wife and as an entertainer. To crown it all, God has blessed
me with the best partner in the world. Nobody can understand me more
than he does.


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