BBA Hotshots Nigerian Rep Tayo Faniran receives $350,000 from Billionaire Ayiri Emani for losing…

Whoop, Tayo has become N63 Million
richer…just like that!

 Billionaire businessman, Ayiri Emami has reportedly given a whooping
$350, 000 gift to Tayo Faniran who lost out to his Tanzania housemate at the
just concluded Big Brother Africa reality show.

to reports, the businessman is a fan of
the much loved Tayo and had vowed to pay him much more than the slated $300,
000 win if he did not make it to the finals.

A source close to Ayiri allegedly
confirmed the news to Ok Gist.
Meanwhile, Tayo finally met  his
son for the first time yesterday after returning from the Big Brother Africa


He  shared the photo of the
baby on facebook some moments ago.

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Tireni Adebayo

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  1. Lol fact is: Tayo (28) lost to a 21 year old Idris…idris made history and he holds the title regardless. Stop saying Tayo is richer than Idris coz Idris won and he was awarded the cash for WINNING the GAME and not for LOSING the GAME!!!!!! Get it like this: Tayo is a charity case, people felt sorry for him that he did not win the show. *case closed* YES the womaniser won, now deal with it!!! That money could have been spent on the high poverty rate we have here in Naija. There are orphans that need such money, and here are our fellow brothers and sistere rejoicing that A USELESS and LAZY MAN who went to try his luck for winning the $300k just by sitting in that house and do absolutely nothing has been AWARDED a huge amount of money that could have helped save the needy and the dying in our country. What is this world turning into? I am not supporting what Ayiri has done, I'm can insult me and say all you want to say BUT deep down each and everyone of you that will insult me will know that I am stating the truth. Tayo should just go on and further his studies if he wants to be successful.

    Too many diseases, poverty, High unemployment rate, etc is happening in our country but people just cannot see that, instead they want to flash what they have by giving away to old men who cannot hustle for themselves. Where is the reality, shame and humanity in that?


    1. bros or sis or whatever u are,,sorry u hear,, STOP HATING ..when its ur turn and some one dashes u money, go and give it to the poor u hear, in life u make it thru different means, if dis story is true ..Indeed tayo is lucky ,, even luckier dn idris in cash.. dts d story… shikena

    2. Ogbeni na rubbish you dey talk.. Orphans where? Your papa no get money wey you fit go give Orphans? BBA no see orphans everywhere before they put up the show.. You just don't know what to say.. Ebola don happen before they start the show, why can't they spend the 300K on Ebola?

      Ayiri appreciates the guy and gave him a gift.. If you don't like it.. DIE

    3. Am very sure you must be Tanzania orphans that is why you are talking nonsense here if you see opportunity in your life to see gift on 2000 dollars not 350 Yankee Cash tell them to give the money to orphans

  2. Tayo deserves to win the show…by the fan comments on the show, Tayo has more visible fans than Idris, which logically translates to majority votes than Idris, therefore Tayo should have won the game as far as majority voting is concerned just as Big Brother made us believe. Ayiri knew that Tayo is the real winner and that Idris won only by the manipulations of Big Brother, hence Ayiri compensated Tayo for his brilliant performance with the gift of #350 Million, thereby embarrassed Biggie. Congrats Tayo!! you put up a great performance, little wonder Biggie could not stop showing him on the show. Next time, maybe Biggie should let viewers monitor the voting in the spirit of fairness and since we are the ones who pay for the voting. Ayiri kudos! Tayo Congrats again!!

  3. Who God has bless no man can curse. man can only try to stop your shine but God has spoken that TAYO is a city set on a hill that cannot be hidden

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