Yomi Fabiyi speaks on the marital issues he is having with his ‘European’ wife

Yomi Fabiyi speaks on the marital issues

Yoruba actor cum film maker, Yomi Fabiyi has debunked the rumour that he has perfected plan to quit his marriage to his British wife.

See excerpts from his interview with Encomium below:The rumour is that you want to divorce your British wife, how true is it?
I don’t know why a post on my twitter account will necessarily mean I am referring to my marriage. I saw a quote and I copied it on my twitter, I didn’t know it will be blown out of proportion. At a point when I was about to marry same woman, same people said I wanted to marry her because of money and a British passport.

In as much I will not marry a woman because she has witchcraft, I have made it abundantly clear I didn’t marry because of such but the present the economic situation in Nigeria which I am an obvious victim will make it difficult for a whole lot of people to believe.

She wanted me to move to the UK, I resisted the temptation because that was not what I had on my mind. Honestly, I like oyinbo, their simple life and independent reasoning. When I met this woman, I was lonely and emotionally down.

I will never have canal knowledge of her, take her money and run.
And I went on with the marriage when a friend retorted “What will people say”. Since it is my life, I went on because I don’t live on people’s opinion.

The same friend has tried to hurt me and leave me unhappy severally.
How long have you been married to her?
We are celebrating our second anniversary shortly.
Has the union produced any issue?
Not yet, hopefully soon. That is in God’s hands.
As a famous actor, how do you cope with female admirers?
The most important thing is to realize and abide by the fact that the role the female folk plays are vital and you should not mistake their affection for want of a sexual relationship. Even where you notice such,
wisdom is needed so you won’t make them look stupid while you decline.
You let them know you place them high as admirers and anything short of that will expose the relationship to dirty risk. I respect every fan in my life, male or female.


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