Yinka Quadri starts N20million poultry business


55 year old veteran yoruba actor has started a poultry business and we hear it cost him about N20million. See excerpts from his recent interview with Encomium below:

 What’s the latest from your stable right now?

I am working on another blockbuster, The Moon (Osupa).  And just as I
have promised my fans that I won’t disappoint them, Osupa is going to
be better than all the movies I have produced so far.  Also, I want to
use this medium to appreciate all my fans for their support from
inception till date.  If not them, I wouldn’t be where I am today. 
Then, another project I just embarked upon has to do with poultry.

What informed going into poultry?

I just felt I should also support my country with what I have, and I
thought going into poultry farming will serve that purpose.  It has also
been on my mind to use what I am and what I have to benefit mankind and
support Nigeria.  So, with that project, I believe if I commit the
little I am able to get from my career as a theatre practitioner into
poultry, I will be able to generate employment for some or few of the
unemployed youths.  Even beyond that, it’s also going to benefit a lot
of people in different ways.

Where is the farm?

It’s along Shagamu Road, Ikorodu, Lagos.  There is a place designated
as poultry farm.  The farm was allocated by the state government for
that purpose.  And as we all know, commercial and large scale poultry
can’t be practiced in the main town, it has to be at the outskirts,
where you will have spacious land.  That’s why I established it at that
place.  I am also using this medium to solicit government support so
that it can be bigger than what I really planned.

How much have you spent so far on the project?

I have spent about N7m, and I am still spending.  That’s why I am in
need of more funds to ensure the project is completed to my
At 55, what are the things you feel you can’t do again going by the fact that you’re getting old now?

What I think I know how to do best is my job, which is acting.  I am
still very agile and intelligent as usual.  If they invite me for roles
in different locations, without writing them anywhere, I won’t forget
the dates of my appointments with all the producers.  I still have a
very sound memory.  And I don’t report late at any movie location.  So,
the fact that I have clocked 55 has not changed anything in me.  I am
still the same Yinka Quadri.  Even, if I am invited to a location in
Ilorin, Kwara State, I will get there before the person that invites me.
It’s not by my power, it’s God’s grace.

What would you say has been working for you?

Nothing but prayer.  You can ask anybody, I don’t have any hidden
place.  Anybody that visits me is free to have access to my bedroom or
anywhere in my house.  I have no skeleton in my cupboard.  I believe in
prayer, and that has been working for me.  Almighty Allah that I worship
has not disappointed me.

What has been your greatest achievement so far?

God has done a lot for me, not just one thing.  First, for keeping me
alive is beyond human knowledge.  And all what God has been doing for
me since I was born till when I became an actor in 1978 have been
wonderful and marvelous. I have been rising from glory to glory.  Also,
all my children are doing well. I can’t just finish listing all my
achievements, and I must tell you all of them are great. That’s why I
will forever be grateful to God.

No doubt, God has blessed you abundantly, what more do you still expect from God?

It’s true that God has blessed me abundantly, but there is no how
great or blessed a man is that he won’t still have what he wants from
God.  As for me, it’s my poultry project that’s very paramount in my
agenda right now.  I want God to help me complete it.  Initially, I
thought it was a small thing but I discovered there was nothing small. 
Everything is money, especially now that the economy itself doesn’t help
matters.  I know God won’t disappoint me, for He has always been with

You said you have spent about N7m on the poultry, how much are you really looking at to complete it?

I am looking at about N20m.  And I believe God will do it.  I won’t relent on my efforts as well.

At 55, would you say you have taken any decision in the past that you regretted?

No, nothing like that has happened.  If I take any decision, I will
try and observe the situation for a while, and if the decision doesn’t
bring any progress I will make u-turn before anybody tells me to.

When was your happiest moment?

That’s whenever I see myself in my personal house which I built in
Ikorodu, I always feel very happy. I feel happy and grateful to God
because I am no longer paying rent.  Each time I even think of it, I say
a big thank you to Almighty Allah.

When was your saddest moment?

That was when I lost my dad in 1994.  We just celebrated 20th years
of his death. And it was a memorable moment in my life.  A lot of
dignitaries including the Oloro of Oro, Oba Raphael Ajiboye, Kwara first
lady, some of the state commissioners and others were at the event.


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