Listen up haters, Lola Omotayo and hubby, Peter Okoye have got a message for y’all

Peter Okoye’s wifey, Lola Omotayo, is certainly not smiling, lol. We love that she is so blunt and doesn’t hide her feelings. She posted a very long and blunt message on IG just now, read below:
morning my beautiful people. Let me share some of my thoughts with
you…Whilst some of you are busy losing sleep over someone else’s
successes whether it be professional or personal, I am busy celebrating
the successes of my fellow woman folk! While you are busy tearing a
woman down for being aesthetically more appealing than you think you are
to the man folk, l am busy giving that woman a thumbs up for adding
more colour to the woman folk. You see I am confident and grounded and i
do not need to bring another down to feel more beautiful; unlike a lot
of you who hide behind your smart phones and fake IG profiles just so
that you can show us how sick you are by riping another person apart in
hopes that you break that person…..God is watching you o!??? My
sisters and brothers, age or aging is not a flaw it is actually a great
privilege and i thank my God for giving me the grace to come this far. I
celebrate everyday like its golden as it is a gift to be alive plus
like fine wine, I get better with age and I am proud to be my age unlike
a lot of you with your fake birth year but hey whatever tickles your
fancy, that’s none of my business. I only pray that God gives you all
long life and wisdom. Whilst some of you fast and pray and scheme for
your fellow woman friend to be unhappy in her marriage or relationship,
I stand by that friend as it should be if and when the need arises. No
one’s life should be your soap opera or reality show. Face yours! No one
is perfect! Stop judging. If you cant stand me, stop IG stalking
me….damn! If you think i’m bothered then clearly you truly dont know
me. I stand up for the heart broken woman, I stand up for the dumbed
wife, I stand up for the single mums out there, I stand up for the
jilted. I stand up for the beaten and abused whether mental or physical.
I stand for my fellow woman. God bless us all.

Also supporting his wife, Peter Okoye posted  

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How my mum stood by me after I was born blind – Chidinma Ekile

Chidinma Ekile and mum

Aww, Chidinma has just told a 'touching story' of how she was born blind and how her mum was there to see her through. She posted this to promote her new song, Martha, which is dedicated to her mum and caring for the blind. Read the touching story below:

… I was conceived and certified totally Blind at birth.
For fifteen nights this woman held me in her hands and wept uncontrollably,
with my father calling on God to bless newly born Chidinma with sight…. On
the 16th day I opened my eyes…. And they been open ever since.. I was born a
very fragile baby with some health conditions. Her prayers took it all away.
Today I dedicate my entire life selflessly and earnings to
catering to visually impaired/blind people. Life is such a wonderful and
colorful piece of art...


‘I am Ready To Die’ – Dr Myles Munroe Spoke On Death 3 Weeks Before Crash

want to challenge every Kenyan to go to the cemetery and disappoint the
graveyard. Die like the Apostle Paul who said I have finished my
course, I have kept the faith and I have been poured out like a drink
offering. There is nothing left. I am ready to die. That’s how I wanna
die because there is nothing else for me left to die,’ he told the
show’s host, Jeff Koinange. ‘When you die, die like I am planning to
die. Empty. It’s finished,’

Dr. Myles Munroe stated in his last media interview.
He had the interview on KTN’s JKL Show, in Kenya on October 24. May his soul rest.


Dele Momodu, Toke Makinwa, Seyi Law, mourn ‘Myles Munroe’

Ovation magazine publisher, Dele Momodu wrote "I've just read the worst news this morning; the world has just lost one of its greatest motivational speakers DR MYLES MUNROE..."

While Toke Makinwa wrote "Woke
up to some bad news, such a tragic way to go. Rest in peace Dr.Myles
Munroe, his wife Ruth Munroe and the 7 other people on board of the
plane crash. Teach us to number our days o lord, so that we can apply
Dr.Myles Monroe ' s messages have impacted my life, such a prolific
author and life coach, #Gonetoosoon #Godknowsbest"
And comedian Seyi Law wrote "The
world can't hold you when heaven needs you. You have touched lives and
even in death, your impacts will still be felt.
The greatest tragedy in life is not death, but a life without...

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