#KFB Only God Could Have Done This! God touched my eyes…

Come and see, come and see.
Come and see what the Lord has done for me.God did it, yet l could not believe
He would answer me the the way HE did. Father, l must confess, help my
I started using glasses, according to the eyes specialist, that attended to me
then, because of age factor.
Then l had reached age 45 and could not read tiny letters and in a dark room.
Apart from this, l had no record of serious eye problem or its attending

Two years into using the pair of glasses l am presently using, l went back to
the doctor to have my eyes tested. Then, l was nursing the thought of having
another spare pair of glasses. Many times in the house, l would misplace the
one l have and not be able to use it when l needed to. But thank God, l would
still manage. It was for this reason l went that day, the 5th day of this month
of November perhaps l might need another level (Sorry, l don’t know what it is
being called in medical parlance) whether higher or lower than the one l am
presently using.
I got there, there was no problem with my reading the different levels of the
alphabets. It was a great improvement to me.
However, because there was this testing for cataract at the clinic that day for
a non governmental body to rescue some members of the society from the problem,
l was called to have my eye tested for it.
The bubble burst. I had bilateral cataract. The two eyes were affected, so l
would have to join the people having various degree of cataract for a free eye
I shouted because l never expected it. But on another thought l thought of the
great privilege of having to go about it FREE.
I was torn into two worlds-fear of going through it and the joy of the
opportunity l had.
Thank God for my resolve. I told God l appreciated the fact that l had the
privilege from HIM to walk in then to know my eye status, but l would so much
depend on HIM to perform any necessary surgical operation in my eyes for me.
I rushed to the RCCG HOLY GHOST service of the month, which was just three days
away then. I said,’ Nothing must stop me.l need God ‘.
And thank God, l did. I heard God speak through Daddy G O about my case, l
keyed into it, praising the Lord l came. And l said there and then that let it
be when l am tested for it before the operation, l will be found negative and
And so it was. I was even asked why l came for the eye test.
But, let me say here that the waiting was not easy.
I researched into the case on line immediately l was diagnosed of having
cataract, l could only lay claim to the age factor. Apart from that, l had no
problem with the other symptoms.
But a day before the Holy Ghost night and the evening of the Saturday after the
vigil, l experienced a spilt second blur in one eye. This is one of the
symptoms which l had never felt before.
This was to puncture my faith, though l kept on saying,’Lord , l don’t want to
do it, though it is free, do it for me, Yourself’.
The following Tuesday , l gathered with the others, only to confirm what the
Lord has done. Praise the Lord, the great Healer.

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“Why I have just one wife” Governor Mu’azu Babangida Aliyu tells his love story and talks private life

•The Aliyu family
Aww,  the Niger state governor is so romantic!

It is not always easy for people,
especially those at   the helm of affairs like president, governors,
senators, ministers, commissioners and many others to discuss their private
lives particularly their families…..Governor Mu’azu  Babangida Aliyu of
Niger State and Chairman of the Northern Governors Forum is an exception.
In an interview with Vanguard, to
commemorate his 59th birthday, the governor, who calls himself the Chief
Servant of the people, says he is a “very very romantic man”.
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Ministering at the November monthly
Holy Ghost Service with the theme: ‘Great Expectations’, General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor E.A Adeboye (Daddy G.O.) revealed how he was gripped with the fear of death during one of his
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In his words: “Contrary to what many
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Here’s how we do it! Super Eagles have dinner in style :)

Well done guys,  they have now qualified for the 2015 African Cup of Nations holding next year!
After the Super Eagles defeated
their Congolese counterpart, the Red Devils, in a 2-0  match on Saturday evening, the guys had a grand dinner....whoop!
Vincent Enyeama who shared the photo wrote "So proud of the guys.#proudlynaija.#thankstoSUPERGOD...thanks to everyone that supported and believed in us."

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