KFB Movie: So I watched Tunde Kelani’s Dazzling Mirage…

Dazzling Mirage, oh well! I will try as much as possible not to be biased with this review because I am a big fan of Tunde Kelani….. been following all of his movies since childhood so it’s always hard for me to point out errors in his movies.OnoBelloOnoBello
Producer/Director: Tunde Kelani
Cast: Kemi
‘Lala’ Akindoju, Kunle Afolayan, Taiwo Ajai-Lycett, Bimbo Manuel, Carol
King, Yomi Fash Lanso and Seun Akindele amongst others.
Special appearances: Adewale Ayuba, Sean Tizzle, Tunde Babalola and Steve Sodiya. 

Dazzling Mirage is a movie centred on creating awareness on the
medical disorder known as Sickle Cell, advocating against stigmatization
and to help people make better and informed decisions about
the condition.
OnoBello OnoBello OnoBello
It is an inspiring story centered on a young advertising
executive, a talented beautiful lady living with Sickle Cell Disorder. Funmiwo (Kemi ‘Lala’ Akindoju) overcomes social stigma, prejudice and
her own low self-esteem to achieve career success, marriage and
motherhood. It is a story about love, denial,
pain, and perseverance, as fate unfolds through life’s twists and turns.
It chronicles the life, pains, disappointments yet victory that sickle cell carriers often go through!
Kemi Lala a sickle cell carrier is a beautiful, promising young woman in her late twenties who is not ready to let her sickle cell stop her from reaching the peak of her carrier.
Her boyfriend of over six years loves her but is shying away from asking for her hand in marriage  for fear of what people especially his MUM would say… time goes by, Kemi’s boss, Kunle Afolayan falls in love with her after a successful awareness sickle cell campaign she carried out…….they get married and then she gets pregnant and she experiences complications and has to give birth via surgery…would she survive it?
Thumbs up: 
The cast did well, from Kemi Lala to her mummy’s boy boo and everyone else,  they all interpreted their roles well except that I would have loved for someone younger to have played Kunle Afolayan’s role.
The surgical operation scene was so real, kudos for that. The whole process of slicing open the tummy and bringing out the baby was revealed and it made me cry…
Dazzling Mirage is a serious movie – though it had a few hilarious scenes, thanks to Yomi Fash Lanso and Seun Akindele and then the emotional moments too.
The background music, lightning and all was spot on and i loved how the yoruba culture, art and use of native attires (Ankara) was promoted in the movie.
You all need to check out this movie and stop looking down on sickle cell carriers, they CAN DO things too!
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You can watch trailer HERE


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  1. kemi is there any movie that doesn't make you cry, chi you are too emotional jor, all the movies except 30 days in atlanta make you cry, haba.

  2. It's true the movie was good. Saw it at Ozone with my twin this morning. Yomi Fash killed the movie, funny dude. KFB please review when love happens biko,

  3. The lead cast in the movie is a star. Is she really a sickle cell patient in real life because she played the role well and looks like one. My siblings are carriers of it too and it's not been easy watching them fall sick all the time but i took the two of them to see the movie last night and they were glad they saw it. Thank you Kemi

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