KFB Movie: Guys, ’30 Days In Atlanta’ is one crazy movie!!!

Yea, we know we have been MIA with the KFB Movie slated for Fridays, thank you for bearing us.
Haven’t had time to see any movie in recent times and having to publish other’s people review of movies – that we haven’t seen – is not something we enjoy doing, that’s why we put the ‘KFB Movie’ segment on hold, but we are back now, for good!
So we got to see the much talked about ’30 days in Atlanta’ at the Ozone cinema on Thursday (yesterday) and oh boy, it was crazy!!!
tmp_ramsey%20noah1819472195Produced by: Ayo Makun (Comedian AY)
Directed by: Robert peters
Cast: Ayo Makun,Vivica A. Fox,Lynn Whitfield,Karlie Redd,Kesse
Jabari,Richard Mofe Damijo,Desmond Elliot,Racheal Oniga,Ada Ameh,Yemi
Blaq,Omoni Oboli,Juliet Ibrahim,Majid Michel,Ramsey Nouah.
Genre: Comedy
Running Time: 110 min.
Story: To start with, it was really refreshing watching Richard Mofe-Damijo (RMD) on screen again, we have missed him in the movies!

“30 Days in Atlanta” is an adventurous love story – spiced with lots of action and hilarious moments.
This humor-filled story paints, in
beautiful colours, the hugely popular (and social media trending) Akpos
character which was created from the AY Show’s Who Wants To Be A Billionaire hilarious skits.

The movie started in a crowded room where Majid Michael, an MC of an
event, announced that Akpos (Ayo Makun, AY), had
just won a trip to the United States. He was to bring along someone and
he decided to go with his childhood friend and flatmate (Richard) played
by Ramsey Nouah. They were to spend 30 days all-expense paid vacation
in Atlanta, United States.

Their arrival scenes are unbelievably well done. The shots were clean
and they had access to a large part of the airport. That is the first
time a Nigerian movie has such an access in an American airport.
The background music and sound was on point and you just had to laugh out loud at each scene.
30 Days in Atlanta, is not just comedy but a tale of love and disappointments. While Ramsey Nouah fell
in love with a beautiful half Nigerian lady who happens to be RMD’s daughter, AY was drawn to an older
woman played by award winning American actress, Lynn Whitfield – we totally loved her in the movie – especially when Akpos was trying to teach her how to speak pidgin and dance kukere.

Location: Trust me, this movie is probably the best Nigerian film made abroad. They spared
no expense in props and location. They used a proper jailhouse, a
proper courthouse, and a lot of other locations that would cost a lot of
money and series of permissions to get.
Characters/favorite scenes: The casting was on point as well. Mercy Johnson, the ‘Foreign Demon’ played out her usual ‘razz girl’ role well, and everyone else esp, the white cab driver that shockingly spoke pidgin to Akpos and Richboy and pointed a gun at them while they were trying to scam him, acted wella – that’s our favorite scene, we literally had tears in our eyes.

 The scene in the plane where Akpos asked for his share of his meal was freaking hilarious….
We loved where Akpos’ mum brought a live goat as a parting gift to Atlanta…
We loved the scene in the prison where a gay in mate was trying to make passes at Akpos and Akpos responded with “I cover my yansh with the blood of God’
We loved the scene where AY broke a bottle on his head, wow, that was incredibly.
We also loved when Richboy ‘skypped’ his ex-boo Mercy Johnson aka Esse and threatened to slap her via the internet…loool!
And then the very end at the airport, such a sweet re-union showing us that they’ll live happily ever after…

Errr…rrSome of the jokes were stereotypical and kinda dry…like when Akpos
met a woman with a stubborn crying child, he stepped forward and warned
the child that he would beat her if she was in Nigeria, or going to a
bar and ordering for ogogoro, or meeting a friend who was doing
an odd job in America but was believed at home to be in oil and gas
business. It  was more like a remake of ‘Osuofia in London’, only this time, it was better :)!

…so if you are having a bad day and you need something to get you up and alive, ’30 days in Atlanta’ is the movie for ya’ …kudos to comedian AY #Okbye.
You can watch the movie trailer (HERE).


Tireni Adebayo

Tireni Adebayo is the Editor of Kemi Filani News. She has BSC in Mass Communication from the Redeemer's University and M.A in Mass Communication from the University of Lagos (2014 - 2015) where she majored in Public Relations and Advertising and Digital Media.  When she is not writing, she is either listening to music or reading her favorite books. Tel: +2348000000901 Address: Herbert Macaulay, Yaba, Lagos, Nigeria Email: [email protected]


  1. You started the best friends alert but stopped, stated kfb health talk but stopped, we hope this comeback is for real madam kemi

  2. Kemi are you sure AY didnt pay you to do this. If i go to the cinema this weekend and i end up wasting my money, it wont be funny o.

  3. Very good movie although i did not start from the beginning. Kemi I think I saw you at the cinema hall, you wore a jeans trousers and black blouse you had a laptop bag on the empty seat beside you, am i right? If you like don't approve my comment.

  4. Kemi Filani so many things were wrong with this movie abeg. The jokes were babyish and so many irrelevant and unnecessary scenes e.g the scene where AY was showing off his wack dancing skills was so wack and Desmond Elliot and vivica fox only appeared once, it's more like they used their faces to sell the movie abeg.

  5. I thought it was a fantastic movie, the concept was nice, though not new…but it was truly hilarious (kudos to ay and the cast, especially the foreign lady-ay cougar, not vivica fox or ramsey's girlfriend). The last time I laughed so much at a Nigerian comedy shot outside the country was Osofia in London. The story was very good, however, I find the technical work done on that movie absolutely poor. the cinematic quality was shabby, for the amount Ay must have spent on the production…his production guys gave him rubbish. it could have been better in many places. I am happy for AY making his money. great thinking.

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