‘How Having Too Much Ego Affected My Marriage In The First 2 Years” – Adaeze Yobo

When I changed from my “I deserve” mentality to “we deserve” slowly, the tables turned”

Ex-beauty queen Adaeze Yobo is the wife of former Super Eagles
captain Joseph Yobo. She took to Instagram
earlier today with a pictorial message (below) of how she has made her
4-year marriage work.

According to her, “This
reminded me so much of the first 2years of my marriage (when i had too
much ego, it was all about me and what “I deserve”) I will always
randomly have in mind that my husband shld know “we gotta go out” i wld
seat my ass down all the time and just get mad, I mean doesn’t he know? I
won’t even tell him nonsense!
It wasn’t that i desperately wanted to go out cos most of the time, we
did we had nothing to say to each other but my “i deserve mentality” my
after all, i’m the woman” “the queen” mentality, was my motivating
factor. Just texting or calling my hubby to say “hey babe, there is this
restaurant that makes the best prawns (his fav?) let’s casually go
after yur training. Was what I shld hav said but here is what I actually
said for 2 years, “Joe (which is what I call him wen am mad)?
everybody went to that restaurant on that street and even last night
this persons husband took her”. Then he goes from 0-100 in like 2.2 secs
and then my ego kicks in. (You don’t want to know how fast I also went
kuku)?and no one ends up eating? I always said to the pple that i
complain to, “How dare he? just cos I want us to go out and have a nice
dinner, dont i Deserve it eh”?
Anyway, the moral of this (long) story, is that when I changed from my
“i deserve” mentality to “we deserve” slowly, the tables turned. Now he
makes our date plan calender for a month? i lost out on seeing that
soft amazing person he is for the first 2years cos I was always ready to
fire, after all he Shld have read the manual before marriage”


Aww, Mark Zuckerberg is so selfless, wow!

Peradventure you have been wondering why Facebook owner, Mark Zuckerberg, who is one of the world’s richest men, wears the same gray-coloured style of t-shirt every single day, he has revealed why and the reason is so deep and selfless.

The answer was revealed by Zuckerberg himself, during a recent Facebook Q & A session, The Telegraph reports.

He revealed that for him, wondering what
to wear every morning or what to eat breakfast would be a waste of
valuable time that he could be using to look after the world’s largest
social network.
Revealing that he owns multiple versions of the same T-shirt, he said:
“I really want to clear my life so
that I have to make as few decisions as possible about anything except
how to best...

Shan George gushes about being a grandmum

 Veteran actress, Shan George says she doesn’t give two hoots about
the fact that her son, Delnoi, had a baby with his girlfriend, out of
George’s 27-year-old son recently welcomed a baby, and the veteran
actress stated that the only feeling she has over the development is
‘nothing but joy.

In a recent chat with Saturday Beats on Punch’, the actress said she doesn’t have a problem with the situation.
She said, “I am only happy that my son has a child, the other things
are mundane. When it comes to the question of whether I have a problem
with the fact that my grandchild was born out of wedlock, it depends.”

“Some people don’t have a problem with it, so why should I? I believe
that with everything that concerns a human being, it...

Aww, best friends forever! Kemi Lala Akindoju is OC Ukeje’s best man + more photos from his wedding

Yes today is OC Ukeje's big day and the best part is that his BFF, Kemi Lala Akindoju stood by him all through. She was his right man when they went to fetch the bride at the traditional engagement and she played his best man at the wedding.
OC Ukeje & Kemi Lala Akindoju
Oh by the way, Ibukun Togonu Bickerseth was a stunning bride!

See all the photos from the trad and white wedding below:

OC Ukeje Wedding
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