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Can you believe this is the same woman?

Irene in 2009…………………………………………………………….Irene Today

& Barrett come under fire for selling a controversial skin
lightening cream . . .
Former model Irene Major is a wealthy woman who knows all about looking
after her skin, Daily mail reports. 

 The wife of Canadian oil tycoon Sam Malin,
Irene, who’s originally from Cameroon, West Africa, has a shocking
admission; she also regularly uses skin-lightening creams to alter the
colour of her complexion. ‘When my skin is lighter, I just feel
prettier,’ she admits with startling candour. ‘
It’s a taboo subject, and
people get judgmental about it, but that’s how I feel.’ 
Last month, High Street health store Holland & Barrett came under
fire for selling a legal skin-whitening product called Dr Organic Royal
Jelly Skin Body Whitening Cream, which retails for £9.99. 

The sale of the product provoked
outrage, with some accusing the chain of encouraging racist ideals. Yet Irene,
who’s 34 and lives with her husband and four children in a Kent mansion, claims
that in some communities the pressure on women to use such products is
‘A skin-lightening regime has been
part of my life practically since birth,’ she claims. ‘There are many different
types of African skin — from dark charcoal to a lighter version — and you grow
up knowing that the lighter ladies are the prettier ones. It’s just a fact.’
Her younger sister, Elsa, 27,
agrees, explaining how disturbing hierarchies of skin colour are still
influencing African girls. ‘Being lighter shows you belong to a different place
on the social ladder. All the rich, successful black African men marry either a
white or a very light-skinned girl because they too grew up thinking that the
lighter is the most pretty. It doesn’t matter how dark a man is, of course —
the pressure is all on women.’

Source: kemifilani.ng

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