A True Love Story! Her voice led me straight to her heart – Isime and Mayowa

you was fate, becoming your friend was a choice, but falling in love
with you was beyond my control and I’m grateful for that”
Happy new month kfbers 🙂 
Whoop, it’s the first Monday of the month of the eleventh month of the 2014th year ( it’s the beginning of another 4weeks/editions of thrilling wedding stories here at KFB!) and we are super excited…oh yes we are.

A wedding reflects the most important and precious part of everyone’s
life and that’s why we couldn’t be more excited to share Isime and Mayowa’s sweet wedding story.
Our couple of the week, Isime and Olumayowa met nine years ago and the latter’s voice did the magic :). 

I am lost in your magic;
My heart beats within your chest
Isi had put a call through to his dad only to have Mayowa pick up the phone call…and then he got stuck to her voice….how sweet!

You’re the vision in my eyes. You’re everything I want. You’re everything that makes me, “Me”.

My wife, Olumayowa Isime-Esene used to work in my
dad’s office in Ogun State. So on this fateful day, I called him to ask for pocket money – I was in
school then – and she picked up because he somehow left his phone in the
office. I told her I would call back but not without
getting her name.
I later got her phone number and necessary details. 

i look into the future as far as i can see, i can see nothing except
you being with me…i want to grow old with you until the very end!

“The number of grains of sand on this beach, the strands of hair on your head, that’s the number of reasons why I love you”

Come live in my heart and pay no rent!. I love you…with all my heart!

'How i used Hydroxychloroquine to cure 350 COVID-19 patients' - Nigerian Doctor opens up

I am lost in your magic;
My heart beats within your chest
 We talked on
the phone a lot – mind you, at this moment, I didn’t even know what she looked
like, but she had a ‘newscaster’s voice’ that I instantly fell in love with.
We talked on the phone for months and I later
scheduled a meeting with her at the Olabisi Onabanjo University where she had
gone back to continue her studies. We met, got along well and we continued from
where we paused.
She’s such a sweet, cool, patient person and that’s
one thing I love about her.

My love for you is endless

“There’s always so much happiness around you. I love being with you

I love you so much. In your love, I think of nothing but love.

Olumayowa and I dated for like 9 years before we
decided it was time to take it to the next level.
You’ll have to forgive me because I am not that much
of a romantic person so all I did was ask her if she’ll be open to marrying me
in a few months and she said “why not.” I’m happy she accepted my drab proposal
but at-least it worked. 

Those innocent eyes, those kissable lips, a great smile…the smoothest talk, absolute…! Gosh!!!

Her heart was a secret garden and the walls were very high but HE made it through
Her parents are
awesome and my family are very supportive. They did all they could to make sure
our relationship was well nurtured. My mom loves her and she’s my dad’s ‘padi’
so I can almost say it was smooth sailing all through as soon as we made the
decision to get married.

I Like it when you Smile…But I Love it when I am the Reason

Federal Government speaks on Keke Napep and Okada ban in Lagos

They say love is blind but I dey see am for your eyes o

My heart is ever at your service….awww

I never loved you anymore than I do right this second, and I’d never love you less than I do, right this second

Your eyes, your smile and the way you look at me makes me feel like I am living a sweet dream.

Now we leave you to enjoy their wedding photos 🙂

The bride dances out…

And she wears the cap on his head…

One moment that words cannot fully explain 🙂

Our first official kiss

We love with a love that’s more than love!

Yes babes, I am now ready to walk with you on this journey called life

We cut the cake!

Saying I do means saying I will love growing old with you, supporting
you, standing by you no matter what and laugh with you NOT at you

He asked.. She said yes.. They said I DO

Bride’s father walks her down the aisle

Isi unveils his bride

This day I will marry my friend, the one I laugh with, live for, dream with, love…

“Now she is all yours, take care of her than I did”…”yea, yea, she is in the best and safest hands”

Signed, sealed, delivered, I am yours

The newest couple in town!!!!!!!

“I love you forever and a day more”

Joy, laughter, happiness, LOVE

You think you have got the best dance moves, try us!

We did it, we made it!

Friends Yesterday, Lovers Today, Soul-mates Forever

That said, KFB wishes Isime and Mayowa a fabulous and wonderful marital life.
Have a great week Kfbers and as
you admire the wonderful things God has made today, remember you’re one
of them – wonderful inside and out. You’re blessed. You’re special.
You’re loved…xoxo


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