You need to renew your mind with God’s Word to eliminate #SoulTies from your life

 For the newbies, “Breaking Soul Ties” – is a weekly column by Olusola Adio – dedicated to help you understand
what #SoulTies are and how to break them with the power of God’s Word
and the power of the Holy Spirit.
we are doing a recap of our definition of #SoulTies and we start looking at
other entry points apart from sex.  First
we start by reminding ourselves that we comprise of spirit, soul and body
according to 1 Thes 5:23.  When
Adam sinned in garden of Eden, at least 3 things happened to him. First his
spirit was alienated from God.
his mind got injected with the mindset of satan. Then his body became subject
to sickness & death.

human being born of man & woman inherited all three sick components from
being born in any church or your membership of any church did not exempt you
from d adamic nature.
was born a sinner irrespective of d church their parents attended or religion
they professed.
growing up, Satan did a thorough job of building wrong affections for things
& people in our souls.
soul comprises your mind, your will & your emotions. How u think, what you
want & how you feel.
are therefore emotional links that tie you down like a leashed dog to something
or someone else.
#SoulTies restrict you from moving freely into your destiny. An example is
was soul-tied like a leashed dog to Delilah and the link was sexual experience
with her. #SoulTies
came through Jesus Christ & it was designed as a total package for our
spirits, souls & bodies. #SoulTies
affected our spirits as soon as we received Jesus into our hearts according to
2 Cor 5:17 #SoulTies
salvation did not have an immediate effect on our souls and this is how we
know. #SoulTies
23:7 says as a man thinketh in his heart so is he. Your life is a product of
what you think. #SoulTies
are not different from what you think. What you think is what you fill your
mind with and that’s
what you do. #SoulTies
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