Oops! Nigerian Lilian Evicted from Big Brother Africa Hotshots 2014

Nigeria’s female representative at
Big Brother Africa 2014, Lilian Afegba, has just been evicted.
Lilian, 22 year old model, actor presenter
and Tax collector was evicted tonight while her male counterpart, Tayo was
saved from eviction.

All through her two weeks of stay in
the house, she entertained her housemates with her twerk moves. She also
sparked a controversy when she let Namibian housemate Luis give her a butt
massage when they were barely a few days old in the reality show.

One wish Taiwo Oshadipe couldn’t fulfil (photos)

and artiste manager, Olumide Akinsaya got married to his fiancée, Temilade
Onafuwa in Lagos yesterday but if tables were turned,
Taiwo Oshadipe would have been around to celebrate with him in more ways than

Olumide, who managed the late Taiwo along with her twin sister, a few days ago disclosed that it was late Taiwo’s dream to perform at his wedding.

preparing for my wedding, I said I was looking for guest singers. She insisted
I should not worry, that she was fit and strong to perform alongside her sister
at my wedding. Shortly before her demise, she gave me N50,000 and assured me
she would be the guest singer during my wedding.’


This Gambian has 4 wives,7 fiancées & 5 girlfriends!

A prolific lover with four wives, seven fiancées and five girlfriends has set Austria's record
for bigamy, Dailymail reports.
Sonko Tijan was finally caught in a honey trap at Vienna
Airport after two of his wives realised they were married to the same
man and complained to police.
The seducer had picked up women all across the country, using them for
room and board whenever he was nearby and borrowing money from them
which he never returned.
His downfall came after he met Sonja Maier, who believed she had found...

SEX is not the only entry point for #SoulTies

For the newbies, "Breaking Soul Ties" - is a weekly column by Olusola Adio - dedicated to help you understand
what #SoulTies are and how to break them with the power of God’s Word
and the power of the Holy Spirit.

Today, we start looking at
other entry points for #SoulTies apart from sex.

Today, we are looking at
prolonged verbal contact with people as a an entry point for #SoulTies.
Let’s bear in mind that #SoulTies can also be affinities that you
acquire through contact with people.
Let’s also bear in mind that #SoulTies are also formed between
yourself and those who...

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