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our newbies, the KFB foodie talk column – handled by Dobby of Dobbysignature – is basically for ladies and
‘guys’ that are interested in learning how to cook better ;). 
Way back during my secondary school
days in Badagry, we always had Ewa Agoyin with Soft Agege bread every Tuesday
on the menu. I guess that was were my love for Ewa Agoyin began. The
preparation was also something i had to learn unwillingly because back then,
whenever we committed a “crime”, we were usually sent to the kitchen
as a form of punishment to Cook with the Egun Women who were the chief cooks in
the school (Most of them were from neighboring countries but had blended into
the Nigerian system so well, you could hardly tell.
“Ewa” means Beans in
yoruba language while “Agoyin” is a term used to describe people from
neighboring countries such as Benin republic “Cotonu” and Togo, who
came into Nigeria to settle as far back as in the sixties hence the name Ewa
Agoyin which simply means “Beans of the agoyin people”. it’s not
uncommon to find “Agoyin” women carrying their iron pots on their
heads hawking “Ewa Agoyin” on the streets of Lagos where they are
mostly found. They made beans and sauce so sweet, that even those who don’t eat
out are unusually drawn to the dish after a taste.
agoyin hawker
Ewa agoyin is simply Mashed beans
with palmoil based pepper sauce. The sauce (which is the “Koko”of the
dish) is basically prepared with blended dry pepper, onion and palmoil and the
combination of these results in a tasty sauce with a spicy, earthy taste.

agoyin sauce
On my street foodie waka recently, i
came across Silifat an Ewa Agoyin hawker. After buying a large bowl of the
dish, i asked her for the recipe and tips on making my Ewa agoyin taste like
hers especially the sauce. She hesitated for a while but after much persuasion,
she reluctantly give me the list of ingredients and the procedure as
listed below.
“Beans”- Mashed
• Black eyed beans
• Palmoil
• Ginger (just a little)
• Onion
• Salt to taste
To prepare the beans, remove the
chaff, rinse and cook the beans with a little salt till it gets very soft. Once
it’s soft mash it up in a pot with a wooden spoon.
Soak the dry pepper for few hours
or overnight till it regains moisture then blend it with a little ginger.
Slice the onion (you can also blend
the onion with the pepper and ginger if you don’t like seeing chunks of it in
your food) and set aside
Heat up the palm oil till it loosens
up a little and gets very hot (Do not bleach)
  Gently add the
onions, stir and leave to fry for sometime till it burns a little and gets
Pour your pepper blend into the hot
oil, add salt and leave to fry for a while till the oil separates from the
ground pepper and it has a sandy grainy like feel.
Dish out
the beans and pour the sauce over the top of it. Serve with Boiled yam, fried
plantain, Garri or better still Agege bread.
agoyin and Agege bread hawker
 Have fun trying out the recipe guys :)!
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  1. I have always loved ewa agoyin since i was kid nd that's the only reason why i visit my grandma, she prepares it well and the smell alone is superb. Would try out this method this weekend.

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