Do you still remember MTN Aeroplane promo (N64 million) winner, Ebube Garricks?!

Aww! Miss Ebube Essien-Garricks, who won the MTN Ultimate Wonder promo  (N64million) in 2012  has revealed how she spent the money in an exclusive chat with Ynaija….she now looks finer too! See excerpts and her new photos below:

Ebube at her 29th birthday celebration on the 3rd of October

How the ‘win’ was celebrated:
It was really an amazing thing that happened to me, I’m yet to get
over the excitement.
Not any one can be lucky like I was and I am still
very grateful to God. My family threw
me a party to celebrate but it was
an in-house thing, it wasn’t an elaborate one, just private
celebration. We didn’t invite outsiders to avoid being kidnapped, lol.
You have been off the radar, why is that?
Yes and that’s because I am presently studying business information system in Malaysia.
I left Nigeria in May, 2013.

Why Malaysia?
Actually I wanted to go to Georgia but my ticket wasn’t ready by then, so I settled for here
 and I really like it here anyway.
But you were already studying at the Rivers State College of Health Science and Technology
Yes but I had to quit, I couldn’t go back to complete my studies
because the whole
winning incident made me popular in school, everyone
would point at me, try to be friends
with me and all….. I was known all
over which the school and I had to leave
for security reasons, i didn’t
feel safe.
After paying your tithe offering, what was the first thing you bought from the money?
I let it breath fresh air in the bank, then I bought lots of land…I
didn’t acquire houses or cars
because that is not the main thing for
now, moreover I’m not available to look over them
 so I settled for
lands, it’s a safer investment. I would acquire the other properties
with time.
And your parents?
I have settled my parents and I am taking good care of them but let
me point out that
we were doing okay even before I won the money; we had
our own family house before then too.
You didn’t go shopping at all…get new stuffs, change your wardrobe?
Yes I did. I changed my wardrobe, bought new stuffs for me and my family but I’m
 not a shopping freak.
What has changed about you since the win?
Nothing much. I am still the humble me, the person I used to be. The
money doesn’t
 make me misbehave because God detests the proud.
You once said you will buy machines, work for yourself and be an employer of 
labour, have you fulfilled this yet?
Not really, plans change, and I am not in that field any more as I am
studying something
else now but if God permits, then it will be done.
Let’s talk about your love life. After you won the money, you said you had lots of toasters
Hahahaha it gave me headache. They all came because of the money you
many of them got my contact from my sisters, they would call me to
make empty promises,
 one of them even went as far as saying he’ll build a
big house for my mum and
also take me abroad, imagine!
They went as far as calling to ask my parents if I am married…but
it’s all good now,
since I relocated here, everything has died down.
I am now in a relationship and I will get married in due season.
Would you return to Nigeria after your studies or settle fully in Malaysia
I will only visit. I am working on being an international business woman, but don’t ask me
what I intend supplying, lol.
So have you exhausted all the N64 million?
Haba, no not really, I still have some left
Any advise to the Nigerian youths:
Youths should be patient and wait for their time, God’s time is the best, thank you!

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