Despite Nigeria’s 3 -1 Win Against Sudan, Super Eagles Coach Stephen Keshi Has Been Sacked!


Super Eagles head coach, Stephen Keshi, has been sacked by the new
Nigerian Football Federation board over poor performance.
This is
despite Nigeria’s win over Sudan in an African Cup of Nations Qualifier
last night. Sacked along with Keshi are his back-room coaching staff
including, Daniel Amokachi and Ike Shoronmu. All three have been offered
an NFF-sponsored coaching course in any part of the world they desire.

In the meantime, three time Eagles’ coach, Amodu Shuaibu, has been
named caretaker boss to oversee the remainder of Nigeria’s qualifiers.
Meanwhile, Nigerian sports lovers have since taken to twitter to lament/rejoice
over the news.
They  further blamed the NFF for always recycling the

One Adekunle who tweets @planox86 wrote “Sacking Keshi and replacing
him with Amodu is like a Bloody backward step. We can like to recycle

Another twitter user, Mr spike wrote “Nigerian football is a merry go
round,don’t be surprised in the no distant future Keshi is called upon
to salvage us.”

One even
went as far as pouring blames on the media. “The media should stop
saying Keshi was sacked. Keshi never had a contract.” he tweeted.

See snapshots below:

keshi sack six

keshi sack five

keshi sack four

keshi sack three  

keshi sack two    

keshi sack one

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Kemisola Adeyemi

Kemisola Adeyemi is the Assistant Editor of Kemi Filani News. She loves to write and write and write and hopes to own a publishing firm someday! Email: [email protected]


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  2. Wow,got this comment from a post on linda-ayedee brouhaha….
    I posted it severally as a comment on her blog,guess what? She dint post/publish it.Hmmmm,guess there's something fishy after all….

    "I follow the story very closely, although it is disheartening the level of ignorance and lack of critical thinking, vis-a-vis ability to scrutinize information among Nigerians, i must commend this writer for making effort to analyse the situation. I have been an avid internet user for over 15yrs, especially google since its emergence. One thing is certain, that google will never violate their own privacy law. This is because, Linda claimed that google initially removed some articles from her blog before eventually taking down the entire blog. In case you do not know, google WILL NEVER REMOVE ANY ARTICLE FROM YOUR BLOG, instead, they will advise you to do so. Secondly, is it not strange that a blog that was taken down by google was restored to its original state within 24hrs? Just so you know, when you blog is taken down, you cannot restore to the setting it was before it was deleted, you will definitely start from the scratch. As it appeared, Linda had intentionally removed her blog, and then restored it within 24hrs, thereby retaining the same settings it had before it was taken down. You can try it out yourself, set up two blogs on blogger, post contents, customize settings, and then delete one with content, then restore it within 24hrs, let me know the outcome. Trust me, you will have the same blog with the custom settings and posted content intact. This was exactly what Linda did. She played on our emotions, our collective intelligence, and i am simply angry because i felt bad, sympathized with her when it was taken down. I refused to be fooled by greedy people!"

  3. l' m not against the removal of Keshi, but replacing him with Amodu does not make sense. It is like from frying pan to fire.

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