Wemmy Trendy is not pleased with Toke Makinwa’s hubby for encouraging her to work late hours…


So beautiful Toke Makinwa-Ayida took to instagram last night to gush about her understanding husband, Maje Ayida. She said


S/O to my darling husband, I am working late, he is home alone and he ain’t complaining .. He has nothing but kind words, motivation, prayers and all the right things to say to make me feel
better. He already shares me with the world and I know he would rather
have me home to eat dinner together but he is the first to say
“workmustgoonbaby” and “youcandothis”and “iwouldwaitup
“ times like
this, I am thankful that I married my besto. “

…awww, how lovely!

However, one of her IG fans, Wemmy Trendy is not impressed, she feels Toke’s hubby is cheating on her….see snapshots of her argument below:




Much Ado about the banned ‘Ponmo’….funny tweets!

Yesterday, the Minister of Agriculture announced that the Federal
Government is concluding plans to ban the sale and consumption of cow
hide & skin popularly known as kpomo/ponmo/pomo (however you want to
spell it).

According to him, the ban is to help livestock farmers stand a better
chance of making higher dollar returns if the hides and skins are
tanned into leather.

Apparently, this did not go down well with lovers of ponmo.

#PomoActivists are ready for war and a #BringBackOurPonmo campaign has kicked off on twitter – yes it is that serious!
Right now #ChangeMovieTitlesWithPonmo is trending on twitter, lol.
See some serious and at the same time, funny tweets below:



“Human flesh is tastier than that of animals” Aged grandma and accomplice kill & eat 9-year-old boy in Minna

unusual cult group which specializes in eating roasted human flesh in Kuso
Village in Lavun Local Government Area, Minna in Niger state has been
apprehended by the Niger state police force according to the website, Crime
& Security.
The cult group which comprises
of an aged grandmother, Fatima and her accomplices Tetengi (male) and one
Aminatu, were arrested for murdering...

A Photo Story of all DA fun you missed at the Elite Model Look 2014…

The Elite Model Look 2014 ended amidst smiles from the judges,
performances from the artiste, designs showcased on the runway, tall
robot break dancing and of course, the models competing for the ultimate
prize at Eko hotel on the 6th of September.

This all together gave the night some class and rich entertainment.

If you still don’t have an idea of how it all went down, worry not, Ogheneworo Akara has captured some of the very best moments to fill you in!

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