So I had an ‘unusual’ encounter with Toyin Aimakhu today :)

The other day, I shared my encounter with Omoni Oboli and her hubby  (HERE), now it’s Toyin Aimakhu’s turn :).
Toyin posing at the event’s red carpet

First things first, I can authoritatively tell you that Toyin wasn’t paid any N1.5million to attend any wedding (HERE) and no, she is not Airtel’s brand ambassador yet as opined below.
Before I proceed, I have to say this:
I love Toyin, as a matter of fact, I’m one of her biggest fans cos she is simple and “doesn’t form” like the other celebrities but I had an usual encounter with her at an event today which made me conclude that she is er- ‘razz’.

So here’s the gist:
While at an event in Protea Hotel this afternoon, say around 12:50pm, I met Toyin – she was one of the guests at the event which was sponsored by Airtel.

Of course, she looked pretty in her red dress…I particularly loved her jacket and shoes and she looked gentle from afar and had this very pleasant smile for everyone.
However, she kinda showed her true color during lunch at the banquet hall….my table was next to hers so i overheard her discussions.

After serving herself and settling in her seat, she began putting up this ‘notice me” attitude with an “accent”, saying stuffs like “Oh my God, I need to get out of here as soon as I can (gesticulating with her hands)…..Oh i need to call my driver to know where he is (if you are familiar with the “Alakada’ movie, then you would be able to picture her gesticulations aright, lol)…this food is ugh!….oh wow, this is good etc” unfortunately peeps on her table said nothing and i tried hard not to laugh at my end.
The best part was when she checked out one of the phones on the table, I think a curve 2, and said “Oh this is a curve 2 yea, it’s my favorite and best blackberry model…it’s a gooo’d (emphasis on the ‘Good’) phone yea…” … some point, i could almost bet that she was shooting a movie – probably another sequel of her ‘hit movie’ Alakada – but unfortunately there was no cameraman around, lol.

Toyin Aimakhu's Question and Answer session with fans on twitter

And then an argument sorta ensued between her and one of the guys seated at her table, i think it had to do with Nollywood and she argued right there – in public! 

Come on, Toyin I love you…but being the celebrity that you are, you shouldn’t just talk anyhow or er -argue in public like that.

Anyway, Thank God the argument was put off quick and she was like “Oh sorry you guys, i gotta leave now, my dri’vur’ (driver) is around and I wouldn’t want to keep him waiting…twas fun chatting with you okies, those are the kind of people that would be claiming, Nollywood is not doing well” and then she pleasantly left the hall.

Of course, everyone at the table burst into laughter after she left and you could hear whispers of “That babe is a case sha, choi”….fast forward to fifteen minutes later, I left the hall with my friends, and lo and behold, she was still at the reception – yea, someone that didn’t want to keep her driver waiting, lol – and she was chatting with some well suited guys at the event, she was laughing out loud – yea, it’s a free world and it’s allowed – they were laughing over the N1.5 million report bloggers did about her.
She was like “...oh my, bloggers are…..and just like that, they all just assumed i was paid N1.5million, buhahahahahaaha, it’s so funny“……
Yea, she made us believe she was paid N1.5 to emcee at a friend’s wedding last weekend with the caption below and we believed it, hook, line and sinker.

Anyway, my friends and I had our laugh and we left the venue some minutes later – but as at when we left, Toyin was still seated at the reception hall (i wondered where her driver went?” #Okbye!)


Kemisola Ade

Kemisola Adeyemi is the Assistant Editor of Kemi Filani News. She loves to write and write and write and hopes to own a publishing firm someday! Email: [email protected]


  1. Kemi did you really have to call her Razz? Could it be that she knows who you are and did it to piss you off so that you go back and write this story you’re writing? I don’t know her, but it sounds like she is trying to keep her name out there and she knows that a lot of bloggers are gullible and will fall for anything, hence the story on the 1.5 million naira she supposedly received.

  2. That is how she behaves, I am not surprised at all. At a cosmetic product launch early this hair in Ikeja, she was one of the guest around and she acted exactly like this. Hian. A pot will always be black abi.

  3. I think you are unreal too… So much judgement for one person? Na waaa. I thot u were suppose to be a church girl or something? I'm sorry ur write up is full of subtle hate and not the humour intended.

    1. Subtle hate? Kemi's headline would have screamed *Toyin Aimakhu misbehaves in public gathering* if it were a subtle hate. Whatever rocks your boat though. Life is too sweet to take things seriously. Laughter is good for your body. #nuffsaid

  4. Kemi is just somehow I'm just lack how to talk no wonder ur picture isn't anywhere on ur blog cos u ain't even proud of ur self and u had to call her razz it is wrong to call people names wat is ur business if she was forming u just keep putting ur self in one trouble or another just give up dis blog has failed get better things doing

    1. WAT is dis one sayin…an empty vessel makes d loudest noise. kemi doesnt need to post her pictures for u 2 knoe she z proud of hersef.

  5. Kemi, Toyin has verified your post o, check her twitter timeline, she has just denied being an ambassador as some bloggers claimed.
    " I don't knw why people don't verify stories before publicing it…pls I beg u o pls o. They will just write stories they know nothing about sign deal u collect million,ask or verify before posting pls.."
    Next time you bloggers should ask questions, tweet at them or something to verify info before making assumptions. Hash tags don't exactly mean the truth.

  6. That is why i love KFB, no shaking. Kemi tells it as it is. Dear, your movie reviews are my favorites, you don't mince words. Wa se re.

  7. No hard feelings but i agree that Toyin is razz. Even from her tweets and posts on facebook her statements and responses to issues are always razz. But then again, being razz is a way of life and so we can crucify her for that.

  8. Thanks for making me laugh and revealing Toyin Aimakhu's true identity. She has no car.she and Johnson share a car, not a bad idea and he was supposed to pick her up at the event after dropping her. She has no driver. #ThankMeLater

  9. kemi, i think u are just trying to buy into her celebrity status. Dont dim another person's light just to make yours shine brighter.

    1. I like the last sentence. Kemi, I know a lot of famous bloggers today started out like this (Washing celebs dirty linen in public). You however are NOT like them….. you have been unique so far. Don't ruin it…… cos it could get very vicious at some point.

  10. Well,thats her problem, I knew from the onset that the 1.5mil ish was a BIG LIE,I was the only one who opposed that post in the comment section while others congratulated her………..smh,plus i'm not surprised with the attitude anywayz empty vessels make the loudest noise,
    Kemi watch out for Toke Makinwa and her acclaimed 2mil per event,as far as i'm concerned they all live fake lives………nuff said

  11. Ok… I just came across this blog, and I love it already…..
    She started the lie and a responsible blogger refused to allow people to be decieved.. That's all I see here
    Am not surprised tho.. Nollywood is full of shit and shit-heads.. So it's all good

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