Not everyone loves Anaconda! High School principal rejects Nicki Minaj’s Inspirational Speech

We’re guessing the principal at LaGuardia
High School is not an “Anaconda”

On Thursday, Nicki
Minaj, 31, tweeted that although she wanted to speak to students at her
former high school, the new principal actually declined the super-successful

She then began retweeting a few of her fans expressing their outrage on her

graduated from Fiorello
H. LaGuardia High School — which focuses on music and the visual and
performing arts.

Nicki’s music
is definitely provocative but do you think the school principal did the
right thing? Remember that Nicki is certainly the most successful
person to come out of that school. 


LOL! Toke Makinwa tells us how to spot a stingy guy

Media personality Toke Makinwa via her weekly Vlog has just given us pointers for identifying a stingy guy.

Some of the things she said:
He might be rich but “Is that money in circulation?” she asks.
"A stingy man is not the way forward, a stingy man is bad for business....some guys are so stingy that if you want to collect money from them, it's like squeezing a rock to bring out guys, if you are not ready to spend on her then vamoose...a proper gentle doesn't let a lady ask him for stuffs cos he knows she needs 'em...when a lady is scratching her hair, it's a sign for him to know that she needs to change her hair...Ladies if a man is not giving you money, close your LEGS!"
How to spot them:
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