Mo Abudu’s daughter is gorgeous! (Photos)’s daughter, Temidayo, looked fab. at her mum’s 50th birthday celebration yesterday.
She is  23+ and completed her
masters programme in London last year.
See more photos of her below:
That’s Mo’s son!
Oh by the way, Mo was born and bred in the UK…she came
to Nigeria when she was a youngster and returned to Britain after her father
died when she was 12. 
She married a Nigerian at age 28 but got divorced after
two kids, Temidayo and Adekoyejo…

Mo Abudu, FFK’s Ex-Wife Yemisi Wada become sworn enemies


    1. Actually, her ex-hubby is a fine man. They look ok; no need to criticize their looks. They are just there to celebrate with mummy.

  1. She looks ok but i must give it to Mo. Mo is a very beautiful woman. Kwmi whatsup with Mo's husband, how come d media doesnt talk about him?

  2. She is gorgeous but her momma is way more gorgeous. She looks older than twenty three and her gown looks like that of old madams. Even her momma's gown is way finer

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