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KFB Movie! Oh wow, ‘Murder At Prime Suite’ is a must watch for FACEBOOK lovers…

Yayy, feels so goooooood to be back………I’m so sorry for being away for (too long), was caught up in some project that kept me away and i really really really missed BLOGGING, like a part of me was missing, lol.

Thank you dearies for hanging in there for me, your mails (i didn’t reply
them all…I’M SO SORRY)  but I got them
and they sure meant a lot to me, made me feel so special.…*flaunts
collars*…thank you so so so so much!
So, i just got back and settled for a movie i bought last week but only
managed to watch it TODAY ….yeah due to tight schedules!
It is titled Murder At Prime Suite, ohwow…it is a great movie
guys and I’m glad I didn’t waste my N500!!!!!!

Cast: Joseph Benjamin, Keira Hewatch, Chelsea Eze, Okey Uzoeshi, and

Murder at Prime Suites is an investigative and incredibly suspense thriller
about betrayal, murder, lies, greed and lust. Agents Ted (Joseph Benjamin) and
Hauwa (Keira Hewatch) battle to unravel the mysteries behind the murder of a
young girl, Florence Ngwu, in an upscale hotel.

What seemed like an open and close case soon turned into a battle of wits
and backstabbing.

The acting in the movie is impressive and the pace is sustained throughout
with enough tension to make you want to know whodunit?

The storyline is loosely based on the Cynthia Osokogu story, who was
murdered by the facebook friends she met in 2012 but it was brilliantly
told…It also talks about recent happenings in our environment.


You see, re-enacting a true life incident is something that many Nigerian
producers do without little or no sense of sympathy. A pure example of what I’m
talking about is the Funke Akindele movie ‘Oga at the top’
*rolls eyes* and now I hear there is a new movie “school girls” related to the
issues of the Chibok girls and also more recently “Ebola”.

I am not saying real life issues shouldn’t be re-enacted, but they shouldn’t
be done in a way that makes mockery of the situation rather than correcting it.
Anyway,  ‘Murder at Prime Suites’  gets your attention from the
very beginning, with the tragic death of Flourence Ngwu.

Benjamin played

Agent Ted, a special agent of the police investigation department.  
Agent Ted
goes around brain storming and battles to unravel the mysteries behind the
murder of an innocent young girl.

Hewatch was SUPER great
The Mercy -Johnson- look-alike-actress is gradually making her way into my list of
favorite actresses, she is damn good. She interpreted her role well. This
happens to be the third film I’ve seen her star in after “Two Brides and a Baby” and ‘After The Proposal‘. 
She did
excellently with interpreting her role too; being the type of lady who’s more
bothered about her job and personal development than having a social life which
is probably why she wasn’t vigilant enough about her brother.

The other actors were commendably good….
The visual effects, lightning, background music all
combined to produce something that seems extremely real; the effects and action
scenes were subtle and yea, the scene where Phyno’s Ghost Mode hit track was
used as the background  music was sooooo cool!
Another thing I love about the movie is the fact
that we are able to see the Nigerian Police in a different light. (Gosh! such a
breath of fresh air!) I wish the Nigerian Police could be like that for real –
very organized and serious minded. 

The intelligence skills of the officers, gathering
forensic reports and all that, re-inforce the professionalism of the Nigerian
police which was very impressive compared to the unsmart police scenes we’re
used to.
The scene where detective Hauwa went to the club to
find one of the suspects, was too long and it kinda unrealistic. How would a
female police officer go to the club alone, as an undisguised police officer???And
those girls dancing at the clubs….was a bit annoying seeing such young ladies
dance so weird and crazy.
Also, Eneaji Chris Eneng, the writer and director
of this movie set out on a mission to reform the youth and educate the parents
about the dangers of social media – he succeeds but almost ruins it at the end
when we are reminded again (through a voice over) on what not to do…yawns.

One major lesson you
should learn from Murder at Prime Suite is that you should trust no one but
yourself. People pretend to be who they are just to get what they want – it
cautions everyone to be mindful of the dangers associated with social media.

Oh by the way, the guy that was being
impersonated by Steve Mickey was kinda cute
and I totally loved the twist
at the end….as a yoruba adage says “What you are looking for in ‘Sokoto’
is actually is your ‘Sokoto”….the murderer was someone that was totally
unexpected….I was shocked and so was everyone else…and  er,  i
was hoping a love story would cook up between Ted and Hauwa but it sadly didn’t

And yes, if you’re one of those who are thrilled by
action films but just haven’t been lucky with Nollywood,then watch this
action-driven, investigative thriller and you won’t be disappointed.
This movie won the – Best Sound Editor, Best
Movie (Drama)
at the AMVCA 2014 and also won the Best Actor in a Leading
at AMAA 2014.
You can watch the trailer HERE!
I hope to see Omoni Oboli’s much talked about
‘Being Mrs Elliot’ movie at the cinema, this weekend, so I can confirm to you guys if
it’s worth all the buzz that it has generated so far. #Okbye!
Tireni Adebayo

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