Have you read Wole Soyinka’s ‘Bomb’ letter to Jonathan?!

 We bet Good luck Jonathan did not see this one coming!
Nobel Laureate, Professor Wole
Soyinka, has once again condemned the Good luck Jonathan administration, laying
emphasis on the recent #bringbackjonathan2015 campaign slogan and
his GEJ’s recent trip to Chad with Ali Modu Sheriff, who has been accused
of being a Boko Haram sponsor.
In a piece titled ‘The
Wages of Impunity’ which was sent to media houses on Saturday, Soyinka not only
lambasted President Goodluck Jonathan for embracing corrupt
politicians but also criticized him for failing to prosecute the
sponsors and members of Boko Haram.
We now bring you highlights
from the article:

The literary
icon challenged Jonathan to investigate the claims that Davis made about Boko
Haram and its sponsors
Soyinka also said he worked
“in the background” with Australian negotiator Stephen Davis during the Niger
Delta militancy crisis, and warned against  dismissing his claims on those
allegedly sponsoring Boko Haram.
have no doubt about the Boko Haram sponsorship allegation against a former
Governor of Borno State, Ali Modu Sheriff, by an Australian negotiator, Stephen
Davis. I am, therefore, compelled to warn that anything that Stephen Davis
claims to have uncovered cannot be dismissed. It cannot be wished away by
foul-mouthed abuse and cheap attempts to impugn his integrity — that is an
absolute waste of time and effort.
He also  suggested that  human rights
lawyer, Mr. Femi Falana (SAN), should seek Sheriff’s prosecution but added
that if Sheriff was prosecuted, “it is certain he will also take many others
down with him.
the complicity of ex-Governor Sheriff in the parturition of Boko Haram, I have
no doubt whatsoever, and I believe that the evidence is overwhelming. Femi
Falana can safely assume that he has my full backing — and that of a number of
civic organisations — if he is compelled to go ahead and invoke the legal
recourses available to him to force Sheriff’s prosecution.
evidence in possession of security agencies — plus a number of diplomats in
Nigeria — is overwhelming, and all that is left is to let the man face criminal
persecution. It is certain he will also take many others down with him.
Condemning the
#BringBackJonathan2015 electoral campaign, a clone of the campaign of the
#BringBackOurGirls global campaign for the release of the schoolgirls, he said
Goodluck Jonathan has brought back into
limelight more political reprobates — thus attested in criminal courts of law
and/or police investigations — than any other Head of State since the nation’s
independence. Spurred by electoral desperation, a bunch of self-seeking morons
and sycophants chose to plumb the abyss of self-degradation and drag the nation
down to their level.
took us to a hitherto unprecedented low in ethical degeneration…the damage has
been done, the rot in a nation’s collective soul bared to the world.”
The famous author who recently
turned 80, further criticized
Jonathan for attending a meeting with the Chadian President, Idris Deby, in
company with Sheriff.
if to confirm all the such surmises, an ex-governor, Sheriff, notorious throughout
the nation – including within security circles as affirmed in their formal
dossiers – as prime suspect in the sponsorship league of the scourge named Boko
Haram,  was presented to the world as a presidential traveling
companion. And the speculation became: was the culture of impunity finally
receiving endorsement as a governance yardstick?  
Goodluck Jonathan swung into a plausible explanation: it was Mr. Sheriff who,
as friend of the host President Idris Deby, had traveled ahead to Chad to
receive Jonathan as part of President Deby’s welcome
entourage.  What, however does this say of any president? How come it
that a suspected affiliate of a deadly criminal gang, publicly under such
ominous cloud, had the confidence to smuggle himself into the welcoming
committee of another nation, and even appear in audience, to all appearance a
co-host with the president of that nation?
does the confidence arise in him that Jonathan would not snub him openly or,
after the initial shock, pull his counterpart, his official host aside and say
to him, “Listen, it’s him, or me.”? So impunity now transcends boundaries, no
matter how heinous the alleged offence
also alleged that the name of a top Central Bank of Nigeria official who has
major links with the sect had been forwarded to President Jonathan.
the process of our enquiries, we solicited the help of a foreign embassy whose
government, we learnt, was actually on the same trail; thanks to its
independent investigation into some money laundering that involved the Central
name, we confidently learnt, has also been passed on to President Jonathan.
When he is ready to abandon his accommodating policy towards the implicated,
even the criminalised, an attitude that owes so much to re-election
desperation, when he moves from a passive ‘letting the law to take its course’
to galvanising the law to take its course, we shall gladly supply that name.”
then he concluded saying
, “While
awaiting the Chibok girls, and in that very connection, there is at least an
individual whom the nation needs to bring back, and urgently. His name is
Stephen Davis, the erstwhile negotiator in the oft aborted efforts to actually
bring back the girls.
needs him back — no, not back to the physical nation space itself, but to a
Nigerian induced forum, convoked anywhere that will guarantee his safety and
can bring others to join him.”
the meantime however, as we twiddle our thumbs, wondering when and how this
nightmare will end, and time rapidly runs out, I have only one admonition for
the man to whom so much has been given, but who is now caught in the depressing
spiral of diminishing returns: “Bring Back Our Honour.
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