Aww, Denrele’s sweet birthday message to Linda Ikeji

So today is Linda Ikeji’s birthday and her bestie, Denrele Edun has just shared a sweet story to mark the day.
Enjoy it below:

HBD Linda Ikeji!
Before you became a friend of mine,
We bumped into each other for quite some time; I recall the first class
we ever took together, CRS 108 or something and you walked in wearing a
sleeveless turtle necked metallic grey top with black fitted jeans and
your signature look; Stiletto heeled sandals and your centre pattern
styled hair-do but you were talking to no one, U left before d class was
I hate to say we wasted a semester; I didn’t understand why I was in
that Faculty and I didn’t get to chat with you until the day we had
lunch together and you paid for my meal.
I’m glad we can now look back and laugh.
It’s funny how things turned out,
I wish I could say I never had a doubt.
Truth is, I’m proud to say,
You and I have come a long, long way.
A long way of endless treks from Campus gate to the Main Campus, days
you always knew I was broke and would slip money into that Higher
Education book I was always carrying, days you always paid for every
meal we had (Heaven knows I would never have afforded the regular rice
and grilled turkey from KB’s Delight), days you and I would write our
assignments and tests last minute, the day you bought your first car and
we took a spin in the Red automobile (with Ngozi Osarenren glowering at
us). You touch the lives of people you know
You walk around with a humble glow
You’ve been a best friend to me
One that will last an eternity.
I know my secrets you will keep,
On your shoulder, I can weep.
You always listen and never judge me,
Always understand so objectively.
You light up a room when you walk in
I’m so fortunate that you’re my friend
You are the epitome of a best friend,
I wish I had known that way back then.

Words can’t convey what you mean,
A better friend I have yet seen.
You confide in me, and I in you,
You are a friend who’s completely true.
I never thought we’d be friends like this,
A lifetime of this we almost missed.
I’m blessed things have turned out this way
I thank God for you everyday.
I’m thankful it was not too late,
My friendship with you was well worth the wait.
I love you for all that you are,
There’s no better friend by far!

KFB wishes the blogging queen a happy birthday….whoop!


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