A table saved me! Synagogue’s collapsed building survivor tells his story

One of the survivors of the
Friday’s building collapse of the Synagogues Church of All Nations,  a
South African named Khathuatshelo Ramovha was in
the rubbles for 13 hours before he got rescued.
Khathuatshelo who spoke to BBC
says he would have been dead but was saved by a table which upturned on him.
Read his story below:

Immediately when I want to start to
eat, I just felt like something like a blast on the wall. I can’t explain what
it is. It made a small sound; something like a wired bomb, so quick and the
building was coming down. So I lost my consciousness. After probably 30 minutes
or about an hour I woke up. 
When I woke up, I saw rubbles, so dark, no oxygen,
nothing.  People were screaming, people were praying, people were crying;
my leg, my head. I was not feeling any pain. I was under the table for hours
which my food was on top before the incident. I was under that table. Surely it
is that table that saved me because when the rubble came down, it touched that
table and I was under it. Probably if it touches me first, it will crush me.

how he was rescued, he says

I heard a very loud sound that broke
the rubbles. They were able to get inside. When they take it out they scream;
are there people there. We said yes we are here. You alive? Yes we are alive.
They told us to crawl through the hole they made. And we crawled. The first
lady crawled, 2nd, 3rd, I was the first male. All the first three persons were
female and then they took me out.

Aww, Denrele’s sweet birthday message to Linda Ikeji

So today is Linda Ikeji's birthday and her bestie, Denrele Edun has just shared a sweet story to mark the day.
Enjoy it below:

HBD Linda Ikeji!
Before you became a friend of mine,
We bumped into each other for quite some time; I recall the first class
we ever took together, CRS 108 or something and you walked in wearing a
sleeveless turtle necked metallic grey top with black fitted jeans and
your signature look; Stiletto heeled sandals and your centre pattern
styled hair-do but you were talking to no one, U left before d class was
I hate to say we wasted a semester; I didn't understand why I was in
that Faculty and I didn't get to chat with you until the day we had
lunch together and you paid for my...


Bovi’s wife marks birthday with ‘touching message’ today is Kris Ugboma - Bovi's wifey's birthday and she has just shared a lovely birthday to herself. She concisely narrated how Bovi married her, challenges they both encountered, her kids, etc. Read below: 
spent the first 10minutes of today in tears of joy.... Sweet words from
my husband and most of all, looking back to 5yrs ago.
I was just a young girl going through the thorns of life. I always said
to myself, it's just for a little while, stay focused and everything
will work out for you. Who would have thought God had special plans for
me? Then came my husband, behind my back, friends laughed n talked about
me. But I didn't care.
Along came my son, and September25th last...


How a female soldier set the BRT buses on fire – Eye witness tells the true story of July 4 Ikorodu Road mayhem’

Some BRT vehicles were reportedly set
ablaze at Palmgrove Bus Stop on July 4, 2014 during a mayhem that
occupied the public place for more than three hours.
The incident was caused by the death of a soldier.

Mustapha, an employee of Mutual Model
Transport Ltd., a sub-operator of the LAGBUS, gave the testimony before
the retired Justice Ebenezer Adebajo-chaired tribunal.
The tribunal had been charged with the duty of...

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