The Ice Water Bucket Challenge: What you should know about it (Nigerian celebs go crazy)

ice water challenge

If you haven’t been living in a cave, then you must have heard about
the Ice Bucket Challenge otherwise called the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

The Ice Bucket Challenge, an activity that involves dumping a bucket
of ice water on one’s head and/or donating to the ALS Association in the
US, has been trending on the social media for days now.

It was initiated to raise awareness for and money to tackle
Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), a medical condition that makes the
victims lose ability to initiate and control all voluntary movement
including speaking, swallowing and breathing.

So far, over a thousand celebrities including Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, Microsoft’s Bill Gates and
our very own Don Jazzy, Genevieve Nnaji, Peter Okoye and others have
joined in the challenge making it the latest social media craze.

 Here are 5 things you didn’t know about the
Ice bucket challenge 
1. It was started to raise awareness for and money to
tackle Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), a medical condition that makes the
victims lose ability to initiate and control all voluntary movement including
speaking, swallowing and breathing. 
2. Forbes reports that the association in
August alone, has raised about N93m, and over N2b since the challenge began a
few months ago. 
3. The challenge has inspired other charities in other
countries including the UK where the Macmillian Cancer Support group are
currently calling for the Macmillian Ice Bucket Challenge. 
4. Originally,
whoever is nominated for the challenge either participates or donates $100
(N16,000) but as it is, most people are opting to donate and get soaked. 
Turning down the challenge is not an option and nominated individuals must
respond within 24 hours with one or both of the options….


Oh by the way, movie producer and critic
Charles Novia is not impressed with our Nigerian celebs and we kinda agree with him!
He took to twitter hours ago to backlash
the Nigerian celebrities that have participated in the trend.
“I am sorry to say but our Nigerian Artistes are
something else at times. The Ice bucket thing for ALS is a good example of
their coltishness. 

Ronaldo fined by UEFA for goal celebration gesture

They just want to trend on what foreign artistes do
for a good cause. In Nigeria, they do it mostly for self-serving photo – ops.

I’m sure most Naija (Nigerian) artistes pouring
tepid water on themselves think ALS means another new version of an SUV from
the look of their pics (pictures).

 Disease wey
dey kill una people for here na EVD. Una nor take picture with sanitiser or
showing that una dey wash hands to spread awareness Na ALS wey be slow killer
and nor even affect una people much na im una dey pour iceless water for una

To prove wetin? Say una baff? Really! Must you do it
because it’s trending? If you must follow the USA lead, then come together for
Ebola. Dove tail on that. It’s really irritating, sha. And when you point it
out, they will say you are yarning opata. When na dem start the opata wey cause
the yarn. Enough of this second – class mentality. Find the originality for
positivity in your inner recesses. Don’t do it cos Dre or Beyonce did it.

usual, my opinion is basically my opinion. If e pain anyone, er. .er..pour ice
water for your body? Eh? Lol. God bless.” He tweeted

Kemisola Adeyemi

Kemisola Adeyemi is the Assistant Editor of Kemi Filani News. She loves to write and write and write and hopes to own a publishing firm someday! Email: [email protected]


  1. But really we cant blame the celebs nah. Nigerians no dey last. My only ish if they actually donated to the cause or they are just partaking in the game for partaking sake.

  2. Honestly i get your point Charles. It doesnt make sense leaving our problems to fight that of others. None of them is campaigning against Ebola o.

  3. Rubbish, what do they know about ALS that they are doing ice bucket challenge. Have they finish raising awareness about Malaria, HIV/AIDS, TB, Sickle Cell disease, Hypertension, Diabetes, the list is endless. Abeg they should just shut up and hide their faces. Nonsense *angry

  4. Mr Charles Novia God bless you and it will be well with you and your family. Do we have people in Nigeria suffering from Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS).. NOT that I have heard of. So why is our celeb doing it, like they don't really know the meaning of the water bucket thing. Since this EVD outbreak in Nigerian most of these so called celebs has not done anything supportive like donating hand sanitizers, antiseptics, antibiotics etc. to people and make TVC on how to avoid contacting EVD, but they will rather take to social media and do all sorts like displaying cars, jewelries, houses. Poverty Mentality.

  5. I am 100% with you in this Charles. I no know wetin concern Naija with ALS. Many of dem are just doing it for fun, they dont even know how the ice bucket water started. Smh.

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