Pregnant Woman tests positive for Ebola in Lagos

Ebola suit

A pregnant woman who went for her usual check up at the First
Consultant Hospital Obalande – same hospital that Patrick Sawyer was
admitted –  tested positive of the virus on Friday.
She got infected after being treated by the same nurse, Obi Justina
Ejelonu, who attended to the Liberian carrier, Patrick Sawyer.

Recall that two nurses came in direct contact with Mr. Sawyer and one
of them died this week – the other nurse, Justina is still alive.

The pregnant woman has since been quarantined at the mainland
hospital where there is an isolation emergency centre for Ebola virus

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  1. How did the pregnant woman contact the virus immediately? I thought d victim starts to show symptoms before d virus becomes contagious. People ave to be specific before posting information.

  2. @ anony 14:22- she can contract the virus and show symptoms in a matter of days because of her pregnant condition. Being pregnant suppressed her immune system (lower immunity). Lower immunity makes it possible for her to contract opportunistic infections like EHF (which is also an infection that can be contracted from the hospital- nosocomial infection) because her immune system cannot fight off infections just like headache and morning sickness.

  3. Media tell lies alot to protect national image while killing more people. Dont blive any info that has been said b4 that the virus is not contagious until the victim starts showing symptop. Put 1 and 2 together u wud know frm d pregnant woman case and the nurse

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