Baba Suwe set to Remarry, 5 years after Wife’s death

 Babatunde Omidina known as
Baba Suwe who lost his wife, Omoladun  in 2009 is set to marry again. See excerpts from his interview with Punch below:

  • How have you been coping without a wife?
 It has not been easy but life
must go on. I believe whatever happens has been pre-ordained. The death of
Omoladun was a great loss I cannot get over in this lifetime. She will remain
my best companion. She understood me than any other person on planet earth. At
times when we quarrel in the house, she would abuse me on set and that would
mark the end of the issue.
  • Any plan of remarrying?
Yes . In fact pretty soon.
  • Who is the lucky bride?
You can’t know her for now. She is
not an actress because I can’t marry an actress again.
  • Are you insinuating Omoladun was not a good wife?
No, I don’t mean anything of such.
What I mean is that I cannot get someone like Omoladun among the actresses
again. Her good acting skills is one of the reasons I loved her but I have
decided to check else where for love.
  • After the death of Omoladun, your step daughter accused
    you of killing her mother?
That is mere rumour. She later came
out to say she never said that. We were all staying in the same building.
Omoladun was hypertensive for a long time and I did my best as a husband, a
friend, and colleague to take adequate care of her. At a time she spent months
at a hospital. The day the bad incident happened, I was about praying when I
told my child to go wake Omoladun because we had an appointment. It was this
child who ran out to call me and with the help of neighbors, we rushed her to
the hospital. The doctor confirmed her death on arrival.
  • Has her death affected your career?
 Not really. There are many
people who can take her role but I miss her so much. After her death, I
produced “Baba Jaiye” part two and it was a huge success.
Death rumours: Baba Suwe speaks from America

Kemisola Adeyemi

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  1. He even tried. Most men even the so called pastors remarry within six months and a year but this dude is remarryg after five years. Kudos.

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