Aww, this dad got a birthday surprise from his wifey and kids (photos)

One of those stories that make you aww and smile.

the guy in the photo collage above turned 40 on Thursday but got nothing from his
wife, he was disappointed that she had planned nothing big for his 40th birthday.
He got over the disappointment…”shit happens” he concluded.

On Friday however, she called him to let him she was stranded
at  Le’meridien Ibom Hotel And Golf Resort and on getting there to pick her up, he met a surprise party.
He was stunned.
They all had a arsenal jersey on – that’s his favorite club.

“Happy birthday Paaa-apa”
The excited kids jumped for joy on seeing their dad..they have really great smiles and dimples!
Photo/Narration: Photographer Udimee


Biodun Okeowo (Omobutty) preaches against pre-marital sex :)

Sultry and sexy Yoruba actress,
Biodun Okeowo known in the industry as Tolani Oshirin or Omobutty recently granted
an interview with Vanguard where she preached against pre-marital sex, how she
married as a virgin and  oh yes, her
wedding night.

See excerpts below:
Which parts of your body do you
think are your selling points? …

Well, I will say my hips and eyeballs. God has blessed me with what African men
really like. Even the modern day African man, who pretends to like a skinny
woman, after getting down with her, he would marry a woman who has ample flesh
in the right proportions.


The good and bad sides of my Aso Rock dressing — Omoni Oboli speaks again

Omoni Oboli in a new interview with Tribune, speaks again on her 'faulted' Aso Rock dressing.
See excerpts below:

Some people raised eyebrows about the outfit you wore to Aso Rock. Were you styled?

I was not styled.

Did you feel that the outfit was appropriate?

Yes, I felt so. Because there was really no vital part showing if you
saw the pictures online. And another thing is that the angles that a
picture was taken can portray certain things that was not there.

Why do you think people condemned it?

Actually, you should know that a lot of people are bitter. When
people are bitter they try to look for negative things in every positive
thing. It is unfortunate that we are in the limelight, because if
someone else wore that dressing no one would say a word. It comes...


Covenant Varsity student, 20, kidnapped, murdered in Lagos

John Chinedu Okere 
Lagos State Police Command is
currently investigating the circumstances surrounding the kidnap and murder of
a 20-year-old undergraduate, identified as John Chinedu Okere, who until his
death was a 300 level Electrical Engineering student at Covenant University,
Otta in Ogun State.
According to Vanguard, Chinedu left
his parent’s house in the morning of Wednesday, August 6, 2014, to a Hospital
in Yaba, Lagos for medical reasons and never returned. He reportedly left home
with about N6000 and that was the last time he was seen alive.

The mysterious disappearance of
Chinedu, caused a stir as the parents ran...

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