Update: Man who committed suicide after Fiance called it quits had attempted suicide before

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Last Monday, we brought you the story of a guy that committed suicide all because his fiancee called off their engagement (HERE), there’s an update on the story.

PM News gathered
from a friend of the deceased that Otaiku had also attempted to kill
himself back in his days as an undergraduate. The friend said,

“When we were in school at TASUED in Ijagun, a similar thing happened.
But for God’s mercy on him, he would have died. He drank kerosene when
Ope, a student of Polytechnic, Ibadan, whom he was dating then, broke up
with him. If not for God and some of us who rallied to save him then,
he would have died.”

This time around, however, he was successful in his suicide attempt – he died from the stab wounds before they
could get him to the hospital.

Another quoted source said the deceased was strong-willed.

“Come rain, come shine, Tosin would never be cowed by anybody and would never for any reason, change his decision.”

Well, suicide is never the answer, and being jilted should not be the end of life!


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