Testimony! The Man saw his death coming….


The glory exit of a Man of God – Pastor Adejori Emmanuel, one of RCCG’s provincial pastors – last week was not so shocking to his immediate family members, for he had prepared their minds for it.

A week before his death, he had woken up to narrate his dream to his wife telling her of his journey with Jesus to some places in heaven.
He was so carried away with the sights and all the sights and all happening around him that he wanted to stay on. However Jesus told him to go back; he pleaded not to be sent back to the world for he preferred staying on there.
With excitement, he told his wife that Christ told him not to worry, that he was coming SOON.
The duration of the time SOON was a week.
He went to the hospital to complain about an aching tooth….while the Doctor was still checking his teeth, the Man slipped away to meet his lord Jesus.
At first the news was devastating!
The wife took his body to the RCCG camp ground, hoping that God would move as the man had earlier dreamt…..however, when Pastor E.A Adeboye (Daddy G.O) went to God in prayers…he came back an hour after to tell the wife “The lord has taken his son” and advised her to take the body to the mortuary!
Pastor Adejori would be buried tomorrow, he was in his mid fifties.


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