RE: Arik Air arrests passenger for not saying ‘Sorry’ to its staff

If you missed the previous report, read (HERE).
The detailed story and the video has been sent in by the kfber who witnessed the incident:
“Kemi,  a passenger on Arik Air
flight from Johannesburg to Lagos yesterday Friday 25/07/14 was arrested
on arrival in Lagos for refusing to apologize to their *rude* air

The passenger
had refused to pick-up beer cans from the floor for the air hostess who
was cleaning up in preparation for landing.  He told her to pick it up
herself and it led to an exchange of words with the air hostess calling
the passenger stupid and he on the other side using the *F* word.

One of
the air hostess came to speak to the passenger acknowledging that the
air hostess was wrong but insisted that the passenger must apologize to
the air hostess but refused complaining that the air hostess has been
rude from takeoff.
arrival in Lagos, they announced a delay in disembarking from the
aircraft as they are waiting for the airport police to “arrest a
passenger who refused to apologize to their staff.
Air has a policy that protect their staff from assaults from clients.
They have the right to refuse such passenger services and may arrest.
But in this case, the air hostess was wrong.”
You can watch video HERE.

How A female admirer once disguised as a prophetess to get my attention —Yinka Ayefele

Gospel singer Yinka
Ayefele in  this
interview with Glitz,  reveals what the late
billionaire, Alhaji Arisekola Alao did for him, his wife, his back up artiste that absconded and  his experience from  female
admirers, etc...see excerpts below:

You seemed to be very close to the late Alhaji Arisekola Alao, what was your relationship with him?

I didn’t know him until  one of his wives, the late Alhaja Risikat
Alao introduced me to him. This was the period people were donating the
needed funds for me to travel for treatment abroad and fortunately
someone took me to Alhaja Risikat and she called ‘Aare’ that if that was
the only help he intended doing for her that he should just do it for
me and...


The prophet who hasn’t had a bath for 13 years, speaks again!

How would you react if you 
heard there was a sane man who hasn’t taken a bath for more than 13 years and
is not smelling? Impossible, you might exclaim. may be odd, but it is true. One prophet Wale Olagunju, the presiding
Bishop of Divine Seed of God Chapel Ministries in Ibadan, Oyo State, who has
neither taken a bath nor had sex with his wife since 2001,  had his first interview with city people HERE, now he's had another interview with Vanguard and this time, his wife spoke too and revealed how she's been coping without sex.
Read below:
Sir, we are here to get some clarifications on the story we heard about you.

I am Prophet Wale Olagunju, I don’t

Jim Iyke responds to alleged relationship with Sara Benede, can’t wait to be a Dad! Reacting to viral reports of his new affair with model Sarah Benede, Jim Iyke a few hours ago posted a photo of himself with the caption ""I'm a misunderstood person. What's misunderstood ? The fact they think I'm not misunderstood!!"

 He further shared this cute photo above and wrote:

can't wait for you my unborn child. My love will redefine fullness. My
protectiveness will last a lifetime. My joy will know no boundaries.
Lord bears witness" Aww!

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