Miss Akwa Ibom, Iheoma Nnadi burst into tears after being crowned MBGN 2014 (photos)

The 2014 Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria pageant held tonight July 18th
in Bayelsa and was won by model, Iheoma Nnadi, who is 19 and signed to
Boss Models in South Africa.
Iheoma beat 29 other contestants to walk away with the coveted prize –
N3million naira, a car and a shot to represent Nigeria at the Miss World
pageant coming up later this year.

Runners up are:

Miss Abuja (4th runner up),
Miss Osun (3rd runner up)
Miss Kwara (2nd runner up) – MBGN Tourism
Miss Edo (1st runner up) – MBGN Universe

See more photos below:

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Tireni Adebayo

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    1. Stop hating. She deserved the win. Miss Abuja 'gbagauned' during the question time, like wise Miss …..( D one that said she will support other NGOs). Then d Bald headed girl ;D said she will pay tithe, invest in2 her clothline and den orphanages. Congrats Iheoma Nnadi, u truly deserved it.

    2. @07:02 i am telling u bro, an Igbo girl who lives in South Africa representing Akwa Ibom.
      This girl don hammer on top the head of the Chief Donor of Nigeria, Akpabio

    1. Igbo girls winning "most beautiful girl in nigeria" since time immemorial….I hail oo.

      Does it mean no other tribe can match em in both beauty and brains?

  1. Yinu @ d tears. Iheoma, you may have won the prize, but bear it in mind that you are not the Most beautiful girl in Nigeria. You are only privileged. #nuffsaid

  2. Beauty plus brains. Igbos rock abeg that is why we keep winning it. Yoruba girls need to wisen up and work on their intelligence

    1. I have seen dark skinned girs dt more beautiful dan dis girl but they favoronly ligh skinned gals, Na im make bleaching cream don finish 4 market. Congrats 2 her though bt in all sincerity, she wdnt b my first choice.

  3. No wonder gals are bleaching, they want to be yellow by force. We are a black nation and we should promote black beauty. Congrats to iheoma though.

  4. if she's from Akwa Ibom ,why is her name Iheoma Nnadi instead of Ekaette edet okon? or Mercy Elijah,or Glory Hezekiah, or Faith Samuel ,or Joy Abraham , or Naomi Jacob,or Peace Joseph

  5. It's only normal for people to cherish what is not common, that's why gold has more value than stones.

    Amongst the white, being pale( too white) is considered not cool, all of them want to darken( tan) their colour a bit.

    Same with us here. Fair looking ladies are not as many as their dark goodlooking ones, traditionally( atleast within my part of Igboland), African men had always cherished their yellow ladies,as they are not common, they had always been trophy wives, a thing to show off,especially if they are good looking.

    We have always had succession oftblack winners of this pageant in the past, and no one complained, the Miss Anambra that replaced Agbani was black skinned, the last Delta igbo girl that won it was black skinned too,even the Yoruba chick that won in 2006, Abiola Bashorlun is black skinned, i don't see why we should be apologetic to the whites for appreciating the beauty of our light skinned ladies.

  6. Agbani Darego is not white. Beauty and Brains count, meanwhile, why is that any woman that wins/achieves anything, we will ascribe it to ' fucking her way thru' why if a man wins/achieves any feat, we will say that they are hard working. We need to shake off that archaic belief.

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