Liberian man infected with Ebola Virus in Lagos dies

The first known carrier of the deadly Ebola virus
in Nigeria, Mr Patrick Sawyer is reported to have died.

40 year old Mr
Sawyer, a WASH consultant at the Ministry of Finance, Liberia had been
quarantined since falling ill after arriving in Lagos for a conference last Sunday.

Liberian government official, speaking on condition of anonymity said
the news of Sawyer’s death was relayed to Liberia by the Nigerian
embassy, early Friday morning.It is reported that Sawyer may have contracted
the virus from his sister, who died at the Catholic Hospital some three
weeks ago. Sawyer had told friends that the sister husband had fled the
home after the wife died and that he(Patrick) convinced him to report to health authorities to check for signs of Ebola.

There is no cure or vaccine for Ebola which can kill up to 90 percent of
those infected.


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