I Must Tell You About Him; I Owe It To You

I have not written anything like this… not in many years. So permit
me to just speak from my heart, as I usually do on this blog.

Last week, I had a dream about the world, water and God.
It was such a
terrifying dream that I kept on telling my colleagues at work to give
their lives to Jesus Christ now, and not wait till later.

I was meant to write this post last week but…. and then today, something very interesting happened to me and it made me think: God speaks in very interesting ways.

So I’m tying the two thoughts together.

I am passionate about life and living it to its fullest, which makes
me passionate about God; The Author Of Life. These two, life and God,
are inseparable in all truth.

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However, beyond recongnising the irrefutable supremacy of God is
having a good relationship with Him. That’s what this is all  about.

Many people over the face of the Earth have their different
interpretations of the divine and they all have how they ‘relate’ to God
but there is only one truth, which cuts across all race, tribes,
spheres… Jesus.

I am no Bible guru and I may not have attained the heights God has
prepared for me in Christ… but I know that God loves sincerity. He is
willing to help as many who cast their prideful intelligence aside, to
seek His help.

Being a true child of God may seem like a hard nut to crack but I
have come to learn that if you take it step by step, with Him in the
lead, you will achieve more than you could ever have imagined.

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I invite you to start a journey with Christ today. Be conscious of
Him always. Commit yourself to pleasing Him…. and you will discover
amazing wonders.
This post was first published on ‘My word, My thoughts, My world’ and was written by Mayowa Ogundele!



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