Dr. SID’s wedding: Simi’s mother, childhood friend spat over preparations, bride’s attitude

Lol! The traditional wedding of Surulere crooner, Dr. SID and his
heartrob, Simi Osomo held Sunday at the Ark Event Center, Lekki, Lagos, however, SID’s mother-in-law, Mrs Osomo and her childhood friend kinda causes a scene.

Dailypost reports that quite a number of
industry acts and prominent personalities, witnessed the squabbles involving
SID’s mother in-law, Mrs. Osomo and her childhood friend. As a matter of fact, the issue nearly got out of hand as the
latter threatened to pull off the preparations for the big day, citing
the disrespectful tendency of Mrs. Osomo.

“The woman was angry
about Dr. SID wife’s mum extreme arrogance. They’ve known each other for
decades and she knows how best to relate with her,” a source told Dailypost.
the wedding approached, Simi’s mother was all edgy, talking to everyone
anyhow. She was in-charge and ensured no one came close to questioning
her judgements. Her daughter has same attitude; there are times she
speaks in a manner that demoralizes those around her, including close
“You will recall how she acted towards her friends who
failed to show up at her bachelorette party in Las Vegas about two
months ago. Imagine the situation: she invited them to a foreign land
without taking care of flight and accommodation costs, yet she insited
they attend.”
“The family is wealthy but the character of mother
and child is far from nice. At a point, Simi mum’s friend pointedly told
the mother (Mrs. Osomo) that she should counsel Simi on how to
communicate with others and also on how to spend judiciously, saying she
is rich too but trained her children on prudence and good behaviour.”
was further informed that the Wedding Planner, FVO (Funmi Victor
Okigbo) was paid about N1.5million, yet there were things she was not
allowed to handle because Simi’s mother had a say in virtually all
decisions relating to the event.
instance, contrary to other suggestions, she insisted on ordering the
flowers used for event decoration and beautification among others from
Inquired about about the position of Mrs. Omiete Esiri (Dr
SID’s mum) in the whole episode, the source said “the woman doesn’t
want wahala (problems). Hers is for the couple to have a blissful
Phone calls made Monday morning to Sunday Are, Dr. SID’s manager went unanswered.


BREAKING: Another Bomb Blast hits Kano, near Shoprite

news in nigeria

The Nigeria Police say a second explosion has rocked the ancient city of Kano.

The police announced the fresh explosion via its twitter handle.

The explosion came less than five hours after a blast tore through the Hotoro area of the city, killing no fewer than five persons.

The police say the second explosion was also detonated by a suicide bomber just like the first.

The number of casualty as well as other details are unavailable at this time.

There is panic across the city and sorrow is etched on the faces of residents.


Another Bomb Blast hits Kano – Female Suicide Bomber & 3 others Dead, 8 Injured!

Today, 28-07-14 at about 10:00am, another suicide bomb went off at Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation NNPC Mega Filling Station at Hotoro Quarter along Maiduguri Road, Kano. 
A suicide bomber suspected to be a female had slipped into the crowd of citizens buying kerosene at the Station before detonating the explosives. The suicide bomber and three others have been confirmed dead, eight persons are injured and rushed to the Hospital.
It is instructive to note that the Mega Station did not go ablaze due to the security barricade put in place by the Policemen on duty at the station. Such a situation would have clearly complicated the Emergency response. 
Security Forces have cordoned off the scene, and Police Bomb Disposal Experts are "sweeping" the area. Citizens are advised to stay off the scene, be vigilant and report any suspicious person(s)...


“How photos and a bb pin exchange brought us together” – A captain and his maid of honour!

 This pretty bride-to-be Kande has just shared her love story and pre-wedding photos with us.
She met her man, Capt Raheem Ibrahim while playing the maid of honor at his sister's wedding.

From the moment Raheem laid his eyes on her...everything changed, of course for good!
 "I noticed that all through, he kept taking photos of me...he need to get a hold of all the pictures taken of me led me to talk
to him and he promised to send them if I gave him my bb pin.

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