Don Jazzy should have let Kemi Adetiba or Clarence Peters direct ‘Dorobucci’ video

Dorobucci video

Just when we were almost giving up, Mavin Records released the video for hit single/street anthem, Dorobucci. The musical video of the song which features Mavin boss, Don Jazzy, Tiwa Savage, Dr Sid,
D’Prince, Korede Bello, Di’Ja and Reekado Banks, was premiered yesterday.The video was directed by Nick Roux of Molotov Cocktail Productions in South Africa.
In case you haven’t seen the video, you can watch it HERE.
In my opinion I feel Kemi Adetiba or Clarence Peters should have directed the video – I fell in love with Kemi after watching the ‘Onye’ video which features Waje, Tiwa Savage and Bryan Okwara, it’s HILARIOUS!
Waje's Onye - BN Music - July 2014 - 01
The video was refreshing…was such a good diversion
from skimpy clad folks we are always bombarded with. You can watch the video HERE, if you haven’t seen it.
Now back to Dorobucci!

Considering how much I love the song, I had high expectations for the video but oh well, i wasn’t impressed.

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Don Jazzy should NEVER use that director again (he messed this song up), the video lacked that ENERGY and dance moves.

Someone who saw the video with me said “It had no story line, too much flash and extravagance. I would never understand why our top artistes keep using white girls to show they have money or to illustrate their wealth. Do you see white guys use black girls? Why not invest in African women? You don’t need a whole continent to feature in your video. They just killed the video…”

Another colleague said “I expected more, Don jazzy needs to know its not about how flashy or expensive the video is…we need content and meaningful things…what a complete let down, nothing new, why can’t Nigerian musicians be creative..we want fresh and edgy. This was so predictable…it could have been way better, it’s nothing out of the ordinary and some people were there on instagram making us feel as if we where missing out big time because we couldn’t watch it till today…moreover, that scene where Tiwa Savage tasted her ‘hot tea’….was a NO, NO for me – yeah it was funny but …oh please! “

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Don’t get me wrong, I’m (We are) not condemning the video – the picture quality is amazing and I loved how new faces were introduced, but I didn’t exactly FEEL  it.

I think the coolest thing about the Dorobucci video is how Don Jazzy allowed his crew shine, while he stayed in the background like a BOSS!

Oh by the way, Korede Bello is really cute, Me love his smile #okbye!

Have you seen the video, what do you think?



    1. Let's be realistic, there is no way any video could have lived up to the outstanding success of the song…really. That was how it happened with Davido's Skelewu video too. when a song is over hyped, most times the videos don't do proper justice to 'em

  1. I'd have to agree with you Kemi. I was a little disappointed with the video. For a song that huge, the video could have been better. However, the new acts shined. D'Prince part (which didn't generate lots of buzz) was energetic. Overall, not a bad video but it doesn't rank up there.

    1. Very predictable video… Knew Don Jazzy was going to wear a tuxedo, sit on a chair n be the usual. This is a danceable song I expected to see a lot of dance scenes but…

  2. Kemi bless your heart, i don't know I'm soooooooo disappointed, these people always spoil a good song with these videos mtschewww

    1. Lol. For the Waje Onye video that kemi is showering praises on, the song is boring. On a normal day i wudnt listen to that song, the video only saved it.

  3. You people can say what you like. I downloaded the video when i premiered and i love it too much, it is too funny. One man's meat is another man's poison.

    1. The Mavins are for sure the hottest crew right now.Nice video overall, they all look stunning.A few pointers though..the dancers behind Reekado Banks need to synchronize their moves, Korede Bello is too cute and D'Prince seems to be the weakest link.

  4. cool video, but actually I expected more, nothing interesting about it, its just flat!
    I believe Clarence Peters would have done better! I also did not like that korode's part, he was seriously cheated! his part of the song was the sweetest, but his part of the video was boring. I expected more from the video. Some part of the video doesn't align with the song.

    1. The dorobucci video needed some proper ass shaking mehn ! The hip hop moves these white girls were doing just didn't do it for me

  5. Haters get a life, the video was superb and doro hot. Tiwa Savage and the maid's scene was funny. Tiwa was awesome as always and dat korede guy is cute and got talent. nice video, great song. The Mavins did a great job abeg #nuffsaid

    1. Doro ko rodo ni.

      The beat is the only thing that makes sense and that's because it was produced by Don Jazzy

  6. Well not as bad as kemi put it. I will give it a 6/10. I would have expected to see more dance steps considering the fantastic rhythm the track has and the overwhelming popularity of the song. I would have wanted to move along with some of the steps when listening to the song. Like it or not, music is the food of the soul but all the same they have done well so kudos to them.

    1. I wnt say much bt for pple dts expecting more, keep expecting till u dnt expect no more. Deres definatelly nt gonna be a perfect video bt dis is gonna be an award winning video. 

    2. Dorofine, dorosexy, doromeeeeee, doroyouuuuu, I was not happy with the video, until the wink from Korede Bello. lol

  7. Kemi you are critisizing the video, can you produce any song video? It's always easy for people to criticise others but put them in those shoes and they can even perform half as much as what they are criticising but then you are entitled to your opinion so na you sabi.

    1. Exactly my point, pple keeping screaming for creativity, If they were that creative then they should done it themselves

  8. That guy that played the Golf right from Nigeria to land in U.S.A must be the doro sharpest shooter of all time. hehehe. I`m so pleased with this video. Tiwa Savage, and Di'ja sound was obviously auto tuned though. Reekado Banks has got almost same voice as Wizkid.

  9. i get the concept but the delivery was weak and lacked chemistry… however tiwa's face was beat nicely, don jazzy's a bawse and dr sid is pure fun, also d'prince was himself- a star! To bad the director didn't work hard to execute the concept of the video! I enjoyed the audio better than the Video but more grease to their elbow.

  10. Nothing major. Just there. The video with Waje and Tiwa. Now that’s something…After watching the video, what came to my mind was, who is the ignoramus that directed this video. Hmmn, let's just say it is a cool video video. Wasn't that great coz the director fucked up but it was cool. The director should have gone for the street-like-african-ankara wearing-beautiful black ladies kind of flow.

    1. You think it is direct a video bah? Oya write a good script for this video and send to don jazzy and lets seeif yours would be any better. We should learn to appreciate things pls.

  11. You are all entitled to your different opinions,afterll it is a free world. Personally i love the video,it's awesome. Tiwa Savage exuded all the grace in this world in one minute while Di'Ja had great attitude.

  12. Dorobucci all the way. Korede Bello looked gay in the dorobucci video. Can fry egg for your whole street with the lipgloss they put on his lips.

  13. Wetin concern me. I'm just here thinking about how many ways Don Jazzy made money from that Dorobucci video.

  14. I dunno why people are saying they expected more creativity. Creativity from an un-serious song? Now that’s a laugh.

  15. Kemi Filani, Dorobucci video is awesome. I have watched it over and over again. The director did a GOOD JOB, take it or leave it.

  16. Yes, there is nothing creative or innovative about dorobucci video but whoever says the Dorobucci video isn't good enough must be a lowkey sadomasochist.

  17. What's all these fuss and arguments about here? No one is saying the video is bad, even kemi didn't say it is bad, she only said she didn't feel it as much, unless you all are misquoting her. Truth be told, I didn't find it fascinating as I expected, Don jazzy has done wayyy better videos, most of us wereactually xpecting a special doro dance but all d same it's nice .

  18. The video was okay for me but that Tiwa Savage 'doro hot' part was annoying, like seriously was that the best they could do?

    1. Nigerians are never satisfied. That is one of the many creativities in d video. The tea was hot _ doro hot.

  19. The video is okay o but it could have been much better. I also feel that there should have been more dancing, they need a unique dance style to kill it.

  20. Kemi there are so many amazing Nigerian directors like you have mentioned. Even Patrick Ellis would have done more justice to the video.
    Interestingly I happened to watch it while hanging out with some friends at a bar, and every one paid attention when they saw it was the much awaited video for 'Dorobucci'. When I say everyone I mean young guys, elderly men, chics, everyone. And boy they were all so dissapointed, and the dissapointment was unanimous.
    That video is cliche, WACK,and lacks a storyline. Dorobucci is supposed to be 'Boss' like…portray affluence and command. All this wasn't reflected in the video at all. Even Chidimna in 'Emi ni baller' looked more like a 'Boss Lady' than Tiwa appeared in the video. Highly disappointing video I must say!

    1. Yeah it lacked a storyline and had no focus. Had to replay thrice to understand what they were driving at but it was so shallow and confusing. Had too many irrelevant characters too. I never really liked the song anyway #nuffsaid

  21. The Dorobucci video is was ahead of that Onye video. The video captured the message of the song brilliantly by over playing every scene and role. Unlike the Onye video that tells a story of love and shows a video of a broke ass gigolo. Kemi, I think you should read some more of critical Reviews. The

  22. The video has its bright spots. It looks expensive, with lots of colour, lots of class and images of the Mavin crew balling out of control. There are shots of the empire state building, exotic cars, a golf ball that travels from Ikoyi to the White house in Washington and a Gatsby-style party held an imposing mansion.

    Everything is set to a maximum gloss but this cannot conceal the fact that it is a big bore. Everyone looks to be having a good time but this does not translate to the audience.

    Dorobucci is a giant let down. It plays it safe when it could have shaken things up a bit. The elders seem like they really couldn’t be bothered.

    Tiwa Savage appears bored by the whole proceedings, Dr Sid is…well, Dr Sid and D’Prince looks like he is hanging on tightly to Don Jazzy’s coattails. If there is any bit of excitement at all in terms of delivery, it comes from the new acts, especially Reekado Banks and Di’Ja. The whole video goes by in a repetitive blur of boring shots, self-congratulation and product placement. Absent are the high concept flourishes and gimmicks that could easily have made this the video to beat.

    No, Don Jazzy, we expected so much better.


  23. The video was very boring loooooto. Just saw it now on tv. Hehehe. Thank God i ddnt waste my data plan on it.

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