Dele Momodu and wifey sweat hard as they watch the Brazil versus Germany match

“This tension-soaked Brazil-Germany match; we are already sweating!” Dele Momodu said.
 Lol, who else is watching the match!
It’s still hard to believe that Germany actually scored 5 goals within the first 28 minutes of the match….Thank God Nigeria didn’t get to play against Germany, they would have finished us, lol…see more photos below:
Two of his sons watching the match too

Kemisola Adeyemi

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  1. Very lovely family. But mehn the game is serious. Brazil's case is Beyond redemption: Even 'Christ the Redeemer' has turned his back on them just like it happened between Fayemi and Fayose.

  2. Lol @ dele momodu's wife's posture, that look on her na die. Actually, the appetite for goals is all Germany brought on tonight.. Avenging on behalf of all countries beaten by Brazil.

  3. No more Brazilian hair, Na German hair na him sure pass now. Those guys are terrible.They scored six goals and spelt out BRAZIL, twitter is so much fun right now.

  4. This German team is wicked. Humiliation of the highest order. Germans should temper justice with mercy. It is now 7 – 0. Lmao. A day after the 7th day of the 7th month, Germany scored 7 against Brazil.

    1. The GERMAN machine opened fire as the Brazillians drew NEUER. Many were MULLERED & HUMMELd at KLOSE range. HULK couldnt save the day.

  5. Mrs Momodu, you better goan sleep and don't give yourself hypertension. Just when I thought Germany was done scoring, they put in additional two. Good night Brazil.

  6. Kemi you are right o, thank God Nigeria did not play Germany, choi, it would have been disastrous, many fans would have died of heart attack.

    1. Thank God Nigeria did not play Germany! He's a Merciful God! only God knows the grammar Hon.patrick would have crafted out for us

    2. The problem Brazil is having just now, is their over dependence on an exiled persona in d name of naymar, which has cause the grand architects of the 2014 world cup to be in a state of buga-buga … The German Armada has melialkaly bewildered the Brazilian side with series of goals based on the okpiokpoic behavior of d defence which is the forcept oringo of the chaos… Let me also stress that this event is imminently Leiden, with political teke teke mekeyufa…that is to so that the host nation has been destined to fall into the political Bermuda triangle of soccer… The Brazilian defence is suffering from what I call epileptic kparakpoism,siphiliptic nepotism other forms of kungaga twangaga….let me stop here before I further envelope u all in a ceramic soup of verbacutical higi haga.

      #HON Patrick's view on this evening's match.

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