Alero Falope, Dino Melaye’s new wife flees home….(Read Dino Melaye’s reaction)

It’s pretty hard to tame a Dog from going back to its vomit….it will always and always go back to it and that is the case of Former member of the House of Representative, Dino Melaye.

 When Otunba Dino Melaye showed off his new woman, Alero Falope, on Twitter and Facebook in January, little did she know that she was going to suffer the same fate his first wife (now ex-wife), suffered.

Recall that his legal wife, Tokunbo Melaye filed
for divorce following the domestic violence she suffered while living with him, she claimed that he was always beating her but Alero went ahead to marry him, lol.
Well, barely seven months after their marriage, Alero who is about five months
pregnant, has abandoned her marital home. She can’t stand the domestic violence any more, he beats her always and treats her unfairly.
Rather than wallowing in pain the marriage for ten years like Tokunbo, she has smartly moved out  – She moved out out
this morning, telling friends that Dino was also hitting her and she
couldn’t take it anymore.
One Moses disclosed this on twitter in a
conversation with Dino’s ex-wife, Tokunbo, hours ago.
See tweets and read Dino Melaye’s reaction below:

Dino Melaye has reacted to the report!
Dino name sweet to lie oooo. When you check the origin of some lies you
can tell the frustration of some people. Every lie will expire.” he
tweeted some moments ago.
Also when a fan asked him to resolve issues with Alero, he said “My sister no issue to resolve. Thank you”


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Tireni Adebayo

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    1. Na today, shebi when his first wife cried out, men were quick to say she was at fault and that she pushed him to thr wall, ha ha ha, I laugh in kalabari. She for no run na, she for wait small join am. Shior I know say more mumu women go still que to marry am as 3rd wife.

    2. I laugh in spanish. Dont be surprised to see him marru another wife. One mumu go still enter the house dey call herself "wife"… Fish brains wanting to be call the "wife" of a fraudulent activist all because he is rich. Is he evn rich sef?

  1. Barely seven months. Who do I blame? I blame the woman. Marrying a notorious wife beater, what were u expecting, c'mon, stay there and enjoy the beating and the money u came for.

  2. Dino Melaye says it is a lie and I believe him, this is jes a ploy by his former wife, wicked woman. Imagine, the brother of the former wife said that the neighbor of Dino Melaye said the new wife had moved out, what a source.

    1. Well, sorry to burst your bubble…it is true. Not related to Tokunbo or Moses but we can tell you it is true. This is how other women will fall into this beast's trap. See you saying it a ploy by his former wife.

  3. He is an animal right?but why is the former wife monitoring him,(oju imale o kuro lotin),be a good mother to your children,at least you are free from him,and move on with your life.Let the new wife continue where you stopped because she has just started her suffering,she knew him before she went into marriage with him(all for fame,because she doesnt look like a hungry girl to me)

    1. That is what happens when you marry a beast, congratulobia to her for the new and wonderful life ahead of her without dino meleya

  4. It is indeed true that'' the cane that flogged the first wife away is waiting to flog the second wife. Lol karma is a bitch, is not even up to a year

    1. Karma is a bitch i swear. The moment I read about Alero's woes, I laughed so hard my ribs ached. Cos this karma was just too swift for double takes. Lmao!

  5. He needs to have his brain checked. I dont understand that his socalled rxn tho, is he denying the story or calling Alero a liar, which is?

  6. Alero saw what he was doing to his former wife and thought it was just to drive her out for her to enter.
    Alero, now the tables have turned.
    Beef na beef, wether in Suya form, Kilishi or inside Gala. She is kinda lucky she ran early enough. Six months beatings compared to 10years beating is minimal. Wide bbm grin

  7. hahahahahha, Men. Alero, sharp sharp babe. She knows she is fine. And even after one she will still get a better man. So she cannot come and die. Dino has a mental problem. He needs to seek help. Bisi Ibi-dapo the 2nd baby mama, i hope you are not stupid enough to fall for Dino after all this. See how God saved you when you were fighting for recognition from Dino. I am sure if he chose you, you would have jumped in and jumped out kia kia.

  8. it is unfortunate, but wife battering is a serious matter. i am yet to pin point what actually will cause a man to raise his hand against the woman of his heart if real or true love exist? It is proven that where love is lacking, other negative will surely follow.
    in another development, i suggest that the man should go for a spiritual checkup, because spirit wife may be responsible for his action. When spirit wife is manipulating and influencing him, he may beat the wife even if the woman did not do him anything. For your information, spirit husband/wife may never allow you to enjoy your marriage to the fullness.

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