You don’t have to die in your marriage – Doris Simon speaks to City People

Doris Simeon is one of Nollywood’s sexy
actresses. Several months ago, her marriage to Daniel Ademinokan packed
up when the news hit the streets that he was in a hot affair with one of
her colleagues, Stella Damasus. Not only did her marriage crash, Daniel
and Stella have since relocated abroad to live as husband and wife. The
scenario didn’t stop there, Doris’ only child was taken away to the U.S
with them. This left Doris devastated for a while, but she has bounced
back. In this interview with City People,
the pretty actress opened up on her
marriage, and more.
How was growing-up for you?
I grew up in Ojota and growing up for me was very interesting and
comedy-like, from a ghetto kind of home. I learnt a lot of things from
that environment, it was really fun for me. Living in a
face-me-I-face-you house, whenever you put the experience together, it
is always like a movie and then you hear other people’s silver-spoon
story but I think the ghetto own is the best. You gain a lot of
experience from people you grew up with, “Aunty Adugbo” and “Uncle
Adugbo”. It was really fun for me.

You seem to have moved on after your marriage break-up, what really led to the break-up?
Obviously, life, goes on. Shit happens. If it is not working well, walk
out of it. You don’t have to die on whatever it is. It is just one of
those things.
What has kept you going after all the controversies?
My God and the advice of my parents. Though, they are late but their
prayers and the way they groomed me to this level before they passed on
has really kept me going.
How where you able to stand after the whole saga?
It is not easy but I just had to sit up and think about it,
if you die in your agony what would be left for whoever you have behind. It is
better to sit up. That is why they said, ‘when there is life, there is hope’.
Sit up and think of the next step you have to take and think of how to be a
better you and affecting people’s lives positively.
Did you think it could happen?
Nobody would ever think of anything bad to themselves.
Everything that happened, God knows it.
Did you see any sign about what happened?

No there was no sign.


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