This Nigerian woman successfully stopped an armed robber from raping her

The police in Lagos have arrested a teenage male who allegedly broke into a woman’s house and attempted to rape her.
19-year-old Abdulazeez Adam is said to have stolen some valuables from one Nkechi Onuoha in the Ejigbo area of the state.

He also attempted to rape his victim but she succesfully stopped him!!!
Read  how below:

Onuoha said, “In the
early hours of that day, around 2am, I heard a sound on my locked
sitting room door. “I woke up and saw him. He said I should cooperate with him that he had little time to spend in my flat. “He then brought out a pack of condom and said the first thing he
wanted to do was to have sex with me.

I told him that I was in my
monthly period and that my husband took me to a priest, and that if I
have sex with any man, that I and the man will die instantly. So he changed his mind and then said I should write a cheque for him. I said I did not
have any cheque book. I told him I use my ATM card to withdraw money. “


Kemisola Adeyemi

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  1. kemisola dat aint so clear o cuz i dont get what d "cut" is supossed 2 mean,do u mean amputate??? plus aside dat i THANK GOD for her cuz she @ least was able 2 stop him….#most gals aren't soo lucky.

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