Read what “The Times” wrote about Tiwa Savage and her ‘Wanted’ video

Tiwa Savage

International website, The Times, a few hours ago published a report on Tiwa Savage and it’s on their front page!
Read the report below:

Nigerian pop star Tiwa Savage has copped lots of flak of late –
and been called all sorts of names – for her latest, racy, music video.

But when she was named female artist of the year at
Saturday’s MTV Africa Music Awards, in Durban, she made a point of
bringing out the one person who has supported her even when the video
for Wanted (and Love Me, Love Me) attracted the disapproval of TV
broadcasters and parents – her husband, Tunji Balogun.

She spoke
to The Times about the backlash against her, and the slut-shaming of
other international female pop stars such as Rihanna, Miley Cyrus and

“[Being sexual] is something we’re comfortable with
behind closed doors but very uncomfortable with in public,” she said.
“But, fortunately, as artists we have the platform to do things that a
lot of people might not be able to do. I felt like I was at a stage in
my life at which I was very comfortable in my skin.
“I’d worked on
my body and I wanted to do a video that was pushing the envelope – that
would have people talking and open up a conversation.”

Savage was
recently the subject of an open letter by a Nigerian housewife, who
advised her “not to give in to the pressure of the ‘sex sells’ attitude
in the music industry”, and not to “add to the factors contributing to
societal decadence”, and even “I didn’t want to say this, but a husband
who truly loves you is supposed to protect his wares and not make you do
whatever to stay in the public eye”.

In the video she writhes and gyrates suggestively in a skin-toned onesie and gold high heels like Kelly Rowland in Lay It On Me.
Savage said her video was clearly rated for people over 18.

“I feel that while being a role model I also need to explore my life as a woman and target the adult market.
are a lot of people who love the video and are inspired. You learn you
can’t please everyone, so you do what feels right at the time.”
She said she wasn’t surprised that some broadcasters had censored the video.

lot of times you look at an artist and you think what they do on stage
is their lifestyle, but just because we portray a certain thing on stage
doesn’t mean when we get off the stage we sleep with every guy we see,”
she said.
“It’s just a persona. I don’t think anyone can look at my life and see any scandal.
what parents should be teaching their children. Whether Tiwa Savage
does it or not, they will have access to certain things that are bad, so
we need to teach them how to decide between good and bad.”


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